Ecological Footprint of the Russian Regions

Ecological Footprint of the Russian Regions – 2016 / edited Pavel A. Boev and Dmitry L. Burenko — WWF-Russia. — Moscow, 2016. 112 pages

The report jointly designed by WWF-Russia and the Global Footprint Network contains data on the Ecological Footprint and Biocapacity of the Russian Federation. The report makes it possible to assess the sustainability of regional development and provides authorities and business leader with a toolkit to evaluate the effectiveness of sustainable development. This study also examines the possibilities of using biocapacity and Ecological
Footprint indicators to assess the investment attractiveness of regions and sectors of the Russian economy. The project is the first attempt to apply Footprint methodology at the regional level in Russia.

Released at December 2016

Russian version is available

Electronic version of publication


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