Renewable energy in off-grid settlements in the Russian Arctic

Berdin, V.Kh., Kokorin, A.O., Yulkin, G.M., Yulkin. Renewable energy in off-grid settlements in the Russian Arctic. – WWF, Moscow. 2017. – 45 pp.

This publication is an analytical review of the current situation, problems, and perspectives for renewable energy development in off-grid inhabited localities of the Russian Arctic. The research covers Murmanskaya and Arkhangelskaya Oblasts, Nenets and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Districts, Taimyr Municipality, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Chukotsky Autonomous District, and Kamchatsky Krai. For each one of these regions and for the Russian Arctic as a whole this publication shows major ‘growing points’ for an off-grid solar and wind energy supply, as well as measures that can give the momentum to their development. The analysis is intended for a large audience, including federal and regional officials, businesses and municipal organizations, households and media, and all those interested in renewable energy problems and perspectives in off-grid settlements of the Russian Arctic.

The review was prepared by the Climate and Energy Programme of WWF-Russia under the Renewable Energy Project of the WWF Arctic Programme.

Released at March 2017

Russian version is available

Electronic version of publication


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