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WWF-Russia Board is the highest managing body of the organization. The Board's functions include defining priority activity areas of WWF-Russia, approving its conservation strategy, financial plans, and reports. The Board also elects and dismisses the Director of the Fund, makes changes to the Charter, establishes branches and representative offices, and decides on other matters.

The Board numbers 5 to 15 members. Term of office of Board members is four years. One person cannot hold office with the Board for more than two successive terms. Members of the Board can be both Russian and foreign citizens but cannot be active politicians and public officials.

Members of the Board receive no compensation. The Board holds meetings at least twice a year.

WWF-Russia Audit council


WWF-Russia Audit council is a body of the organization that oversees: the activities of the Fund; the Fund Board, the Fund Director and the Fund Executive Director making decisions and ensuring their implementation; the use of the funds; the Fund's compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Members of the WWF-Russia Audit council

  • Elena Abrosimova, Chairman of the Audit counci, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor. Head of the Department of Commercial Law and Fundamentals of Jurisprudence, Faculty of Law, Moscow State University Lomonosov.

  • Leonid Grigoriev, Head of the Department of World Economy, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Chief Advisor to the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation.

  • Nikolai Drozdov, Soviet and Russian TV host, public figure, zoologist.

  • Vladislav Onishchenko, President of the Center for Strategic Research Foundation.

WWF-Russia Advisory Group


WWF-Russia Advisory Group contributes to the development and support of the Fund's activities. Considering the key areas of the Fund's activities, its strategy and projects, the members of the Advisory Group help to attract resources for the implementation of environmental projects and achieving the Fund's mission - to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Advisory Group activities

  • The decisions made by the Advisory Group are advisory in nature. At the same time, the Fund's management submits recommendations of the Advisory Group to the Board.

  • The Advisory Group holds meetings at least once in two years. The frequency of meetings of the Advisory Group, the holding mode and the procedure for making decisions by the the Advisory Group are determined by the Board.

Members of the Advisory Group

  • Alexander Gogolev, senior vice president for VTB bank;

  • Alexey Kortnev, musician and producer;

  • Alena Doletskaya, journalist and publicist;

  • Anna Kozlovskaya, Vice President for Communications, STADA, CIS and Russia;

  • Anton Komolov, TV host, radio host, journalist;

  • Vladimir Pozner, journalist and TV host;

  • Vadim Kovalev, First Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Managers, member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, member of the Civic Chamber of the city of Moscow, member of the Federal Expert Council for the Development of Volunteering, Executive Secretary of the National Council for Corporate Volunteering;

  • Christopher Muravyov-Apostol, financier and philanthropist;

  • Mikhail Fedorenko, entrepreneur and CEO of Delovaya Sreda company;

  • Svetlana Mironyuk, Head of Marketing and Business Development, PwC.