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Yulia Fomenko

Leader specialist in communication WWF Russia Amur branch

Leading specialist of the Communication Department at WWF Russia Amur branch
Mass events, brand, publications, news from RFE.
Fond of venturing outside the box

From my perspective, in the real world everything happens for a reason. For a good reason I was born on Lake Baikal, married a wildlife biologist, and after graduating from the high school got the job in the Lab for Mathematical Climate Modeling at the Pacific Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Science. For a good reason I left Vladivostok for Altai to work in the Altai State Nature Reserve for two years and upon coming back joined the field project on the Amur leopard monitoring. Such was my communication with nature.

Moreover, I was involved into the development of environmental grassroots in the Russian Far East (some people at that time called this region Wild East) being at different times a grant manager for five small grants programs, a deputy head and a head of ISAR (the Institute of Soviet American Relations). Today I work for WWF Russia.

I always keep learning new skills as I believe that it is just the beginning, and that the most undreamt of things are still to happen.

Quick round of questions:

Which is your favorite place on Earth?
Baikal, where I spent my green years and which I still underexplored.
What do you do at WWF?
Trying to tell the people what we are doing for nature conservation.
What did you want to become?
I dreamt to work at the circus and to become a vet.
What is in your mind the eighth Wonder of the World?
Do you believe in UFO?
Sometimes I do. Once together with my husband I spent a hunting season deep in the taiga. He happened to leave me alone for several days in the cabin. And though there were not a sole around within 3000 kilometers sometimes I felt myself not at ease. In the cabin you know there are no locks. I calmed myself down thinking that people would not manage to reach our hunting ground while the animals could not enter the human dwelling. Yet all of a sudden a terrifying thought thrusted through my spine What if aliens come?
Happiness is…

In winter when it is snowing endlessly (and not windy).

In spring the sensation of life.

In summer it is the sea.

In the fall it is when you are walking in the patchworky forest and the leaves are whispering under your feet.

Yet, in general the happiness is the life itself.