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Премия рунета 2017

Administrative reform: results of 2004-2007

Structure and functions of federal bodies of executive power in the sphere of natural resources management and in the field of environmental protection: results of 2004–2007

A new structure of the Government of the Russian Federation has been formed in 2004. The main task was to concentrate rights establishing functions in ministries, control and supervisory functions in services, and the functions of managing state property and rendering public services in agencies. In addition, the task was to eliminate duplication of functions, eliminate redundant functions and to identify missing functions of federal executive bodies

This analysis is devoted to the results of administrative reform in the sphere of natural resources management and environmental protection and consists of three parts.

The first part analyzes how clearly the functions of the newly created federal executive bodies are defined and to what extent duplication of functions is eliminated.

The second part is devoted to the analysis of the compliance of functions of federal executive bodies (in accordance with their provisions) with the current laws of the Russian Federation, which impose certain powers on public authorities. The main attention has been paid to the identification of powers of public authorities, which were not fixed by the executive authorities, prescribed by law.

The third part gives recommendations on improving public administration in the sphere of natural resources management and in the field of environmental protection.