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What we do
Премия рунета 2017

How money helps

Often you hear: «I do not have much money, and what use is there from little?»

Indeed, preserving nature is not a cheap job. But after all, there are many thousands of people who make donation. This means that we can implement large-scale projects. Therefore, donations from 15 supporters are enough to provide a whole month of work of a «Bear Patrol» inspector in the Arctic.

Any, even the most ambitious project consist of different expenses. One annual contribution of a supporter, of course, is not enough to purchase transport for the anti-poaching group, but it is enough to feed one bison during a week in the autumn-winter period.

Save forests
How does money help to save forests
900 rubles
a set of simple tools (roulette, ax, shovel, matches, a bottle of water, etc.) for work in the forest for 1 person;
15 000 rubles
1 call of the fire brigade;
110 000 rubles
planting 1 ha of oak seedlings and compulsory five-year care for them;
150 000—600 000 rubles
organization of a field expedition of a group of biology specialists for 7–14 days into intact forests in order to prepare a rationale for PAs.
Prevent climate change
How money helps to prevent climate change
1000—2000 rubles
a set of booklets on climate change issues per school;
10 000 rubles
a set of batteries for a solar power plant (per family, based on experience in operation in Tuva);
30 000 rubles
module for a solar battery of about 1 square meter. m. (power 800 W);
100 000—150 000 rubles
automatic weather station for recording climatic parameters in places of climate observations (for example, in reserves).
Save the seas
How does money help to save the seas
5000—7000 rubles
special equipment (jacket, vest, boots);
20 000—25 000 rubles
inflatable boat;
120 000—150 000 rubles
boat engine;
1 155 000—1 500 000 rubles
sea patrol boat.
Save rare species
How does money help to save rare species
900 rubles
the cost of feeding one bison during a week in the <nobr>autumn-winter</nobr> period;
2000 rubles
the cost of gasoline for a 24 hour raid of an <nobr>anti-poaching</nobr> brigade;
184 000 rubles
cost of equipment for immobilizing a «conflict» tiger.
Preserve reserves
How money helps to preserve reserves
900—1000 rubles
provision of one day of work of an inspector of security service of a reserve;
2000 rubles
a set of summer field uniform of an employee of security service of a reserve or a national park;
10 000 rubles
equipment of one tourist camp site (a fireplace, garbage cans, roof from rain, etc.) in a national park or a protected zone of the reserve;
50 000 rubles
A gasoline generator to provide electricity in remote cordons.