What we do
Премия рунета 2017
Guardian of the Earth
Nature gives us the opportunity to live and create, marvel and rejoice. Our future depends on how reasonably and responsibly we use the resources of our planet. We invite you to become an honorary supporter of WWF Russia «Guardian of the Earth».

24 000 - 100 000 рублей — это

a purchase and delivery of up to five tons of food for wild ungulates to the Ussuri taiga in snowy winters;
two or three weeks of round-the-clock anti-poaching raids for the protection of saigas in the Astrakhan region;
two GPS-collars and GIS-mapping of seasonal movements of bison in the national park «Orlovskoe Polesye»;
a set of camera-traps for monitoring populations of tigers and leopards in the Far East.

As the Guardian of the Earth you will receive:

Certificate of appreciation with personal signature of the Director of the Foundation
A silver panda badge
Invitations to WWF meetings and events
Reports with the most interesting news
Opportunity to visit nature reserves and national parks
Surprise at each renewal of the membership

Activities of the Guardian of the Earth

Journeys of the Guardians of the Earth

Together with the WWF, «Guardians of the Earth» and members of the «Golden Panda» Club travel to the specially protected areas of Russia. We have already visited the reserves: Volga-Kama, Zhigulevsky, Tsentralo-Lesnoy, Altai, Katun, «Shulgan-Tash», Kronotsky, and Ussuriysk; national parks: «Samarskaya Luka», «Smolenskoye Poozerie», «Russkiy Sever», «Sebezhsky «, «Zyuratkul» and others. Join the Guardian of the Earth and travel with us!

Altai Reserve
© Yury Laskin
Katun Nature Reserve
© Veronika Shashkova
Katun Nature Reserve
© Dmitry Voevodin
Polistovsky Reserve
© Anna Alekseeva
The Rybachiy Peninsula
© Oleg Krasovsky
Samarskaya Luka
© Anna V
Samarskaya Luka
© Anna V
Samarskaya Luka
© Anna V
Teberda Reserve
© Nikolay Dontsov
© Oleg Krasovsky
Quotes of the Guardians of the Earth
Evgenia Alekseeva

«For several years now I have been „Guardian of the Earth“ and I increasingly believe that my modest financial contribution can really help change the ecological situation in Russia. I also understand very well the need to support WWF programs, since I manage the non-commercial foundation myself and I know how difficult it is to raise funds for deeds that are very necessary for people».