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Премия рунета 2017
The «Golden Panda» Club
This club is for those who consider it necessary to help preserve the nature of Russia and has serious capabilities to do this. Today it is 159 people who provide financial support to WWF and help to achieve results.

Как помогают ваши пожертвования? Ваш ежегодный взнос это:

the provision of veterinary assistance and the return to the nature of the affected Amur tiger;
ensuring successful wintering of bison in the Teberda Reserve;
acquisition of a snowmobile for the «Bear Patrol» brigade.

As a member of the «Golden Panda» Club you will receive:

A certificate with personal signature of the director of the Foundation
Exclusive car shield
Invitations to WWF Russia events
An opportunity to participate in an annual meeting with the director and members of WWF Russia Board.
An opportunity to go on a trip to unique natural places along with WWF.
Annual report on the work of WWF Russia.

Events of the «Golden Panda» club

Vienna Evening at the Metropol, 2016
© WWF Russia
© WWF Russia
Meeting with the Director General of WWF International Jim Lip
© Anna Lisnik / WWF Russia
Sturgeon cooking master-class
© WWF Russia / Anna Lisnik
Meeting of the «Golden Panda» Club and the Corporate Club of WWF Russia, 2016
© WWF Russia
Meeting of the «Golden panda» Club
2015. Intellectual games with experts of «What? Where? When?».

Members of the «Golden Panda» club

More about members of the club

Traveling of the «Golden Panda» Club members

Together with the WWF, «Guardians of the Earth» and members of the «Golden Panda» Club travel to the specially protected areas of Russia. We have already visited the reserves: Volga-Kama, Zhigulevsky, Tsentralo-Lesnoy, Altai, Katun, «Shulgan-Tash», Kronotsky, and Ussuriysk; national parks: «Samarskaya Luka», «Smolenskoye Poozerie», «Russkiy Sever», «Sebezhsky «, «Zyuratkul» and others. Join the Guardian of the Earth and travel with us!

Altai Reserve
© Yury Laskin
Katun Nature Reserve
© Veronika Shashkova
Katun Nature Reserve
© Dmitry Voevodin
Polistovsky Reserve
© Anna Alekseeva
The Rybachiy Peninsula
© Oleg Krasovsky
Samarskaya Luka
© Anna V
Samarskaya Luka
© Anna V
Samarskaya Luka
© Anna V
Teberda Reserve
© Nikolay Dontsov
© Oleg Krasovsky
Quotes of members of the club
Galina Koval
marketing manager of OTC drugs Johnson & Johnson, member of the «Golden Panda» Club

What brings you joy in life?

«The realization that so much more are to be seen, learned, felt, visited….»