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Премия рунета 2017

People for Nature

2019 saw the launch of the People for Nature project aimed at engaging a wider audience in environmental protection.

Project Goals

  1. Protect the forests: prevent degradation and illegal use of forests.

  2. Reduce environmental impact caused by industrial processes: reduce air and water pollution and increase the environmental responsibility of business.

PROJECT span: 2019–2022

The People for Nature project is carried out with the support of the
European Union.

Ecology and new
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  • We hold seminars dedicated to public legal awareness and civic inspector training, responsible business conduct, conflict resolution and monitoring of loggings legality. Seminar participants will learn how to protect the environment efficiently and will get qualified support.

  • We support environmental CSOs. The best environmental projects will be implemented. 

  • We implement best practices in sustainable forest management. These practices preserve unique ecosystems and help use forest resources in a sustainable and efficient way.

  • We calculate environmental transparency ratings for oil and gaspower generatingmining and metals companies. These ratings will help reduce environmental impact and increase investments in the restoration of natural capital. 

  • An online platform for sharing environmental initiatives is being developed. Anyone will be able to share their success stories and get advice from like-minded people.



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