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What we do
Премия рунета 2017


WWF Goal

WWF’s goal in the Amur ecoregion is conservation of rare species such as the Amur tiger and the Far Eastern leopard, creation and support of specially protected natural areas, promotion of sustainable forest management practices, and conservation of freshwater ecosystems in the Amur River Basin

WWF's work is aimed at:

  • conservation of rare species (Amur tiger, Far Eastern leopard, Mongolian gazelle, Oriental stork, kaluga);
  • creation and support of specially protected natural areas;
  • combating illegal logging and developing sustainable forest management;
  • ensuring natural water regime of the Amur and conservation of freshwater ecosystems;
  • development and strengthening of international cooperation in the Amur basin;
  • mitigating and adapting to negative effects of climate change
What has been done?
Amur tiger — national property of Russia