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Fighting illegal logging

System «Kedr»

There is a great demand in the world market for timber of many Far Eastern breeds (ash, oak, walnut, etc.). Prices for individual species reach 700–800 US dollars per cubic meter, which attracts loggers, including those who are dishonest. According to some experts, up to 50% of valuable timber produced in the Far East is of doubtful origin. As a result of illegal logging, the habitat of animals is destroyed, and the region’s economy does not receive appropriate payments.

To solve the existing problems, the Amur branch of WWF made an attempt to establish effective operational control over compliance with forest management rules and the detection of violations. To this end, since 1998, the Foundation has been promoting the establishment and operation of specialized inspection teams in Primorsky and Khabarovsk Krai and in the Jewish Autonomous Region. To maintain anti-poaching activities, WWF supplies brigades with field equipment, video cameras and GPS, provides remote monitoring of forest areas, finances field works and organizes raids involving its own experts on illegal logging. It can be said with certainty that all these measures play a huge role in the fight against illegal logging in the south of the Far East. Thus, it was estimated that in 2009 the work of specialists of the Amur branch of WWF to identify violations was 32 times more effective than the work of inspectors of local forestries.

The Fund actively cooperates with the mass media in organizing large-scale campaigns to disseminate information about illegal logging.

As a result of operational checks conducted by employees of the Amur branch of WWF in conjunction with the Department of Forestry of the Far Eastern Federal District, thousands of cubic meters of illegally harvested wood have been confiscated, hundreds of units of poaching equipment have been arrested and hundreds of loggings recognized as illegal.