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Премия рунета 2017

The main problems

There is a series of problems in the biodiversity conservation of Central Asia, and its base — the system of protected areas of different status.

The first group of problems: insufficient financial and technical support of the system of zapovedniks, absence of a satisfactory system of communication, absence of a unified system of data collecting, information exchange, etc. These problems are now being addressed by the efforts of Governments of the countries of the region, and by some special projects on national level (GEF-UNDP).

The second group of problems: the existing system of protected areas does not support the goals and the needs of biodiversity conservation of the region. Thanks to IUCN initiative, particular problems of the major zapovedniks of the region are analyzed now, and proposals are being developed in order to solve these problems.

The third group of problems: existing protected areas are isolated from each other, they are not fully representative for the whole biodiversity conservation of the region, the system of protected areas is not integrated in the contest of socio-economical development of the countries, there is no co-ordination in the development of protected areas between the countries of the region.

ECONET planning as WEB FOR LIFE, common for all the region of Central Asia is the major target of GEF-UNEP-WWF project.