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What we do
Премия рунета 2017

Development of the Econet for long-term conservation of biodiversity in the Central Asia Ecoregions

Econet — web for life

Basing on different project ideas IPP endorsed by the relevant Ministries of the countries,- and on-going species projects — WWF Central Asia programme developed a middle-size GEF project on regional Econet development. Via UNEP as implementing agency we received GEF funding — and it was possible exclusively thanks to WWF-Netherlands matching funds. So since April 2003 WWF Central Asian programme is running GEF-UNEP WWF middle-size 3 year project «Econet Central Asia».

  • What is «Econet» and what is the difference between «Econet» and «Network of protected areas (PAs)»
  • The main problems
  • Goals
  • Project details
  • Maps and data

All databases, GIS — as soon as finalized, and ECONET scheme would be accessible for all relevant Ministries/decision makers of the countries of the region, as well as NGOs. Now some information on the project is initially presented on the site of REC http://www.carec.kz/, database on legislation is presented on a special site http://www.ca-econet.info, all materials will be passed to SIC ICSD.