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Премия рунета 2017

Turanian Tiger reintroduction

WWF will help Kazakhstan reintroduce tiger

WWF-Russia, together with the Government and experts of the Republic of Kazakhstan are starting a program to return tigers to Central Asia

Intermediate documents produced in the process of preliminary assessment with respect to recovery of Turanian tigers in Central Asia

From the Greetings of Prime-Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Masimov K.K to participants of the 6th h Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development of Asia – Pacific region:

In the process of development Republic of Kazakhstan has to overcome a variety of important ecological problems. We had been able to solve a significant part of the most pressing environmental problems in the last years. We voluntarily closed the nuclear testing ground, setting an example for a safer world. Together with neighboring countries, we were able to collaborate on cross-border basin of the Aral and Caspian Seas. We have restored in the interests of the population and ecology of the Northern Aral Sea. In a challenging period of the state, we have rehabilitated and minimize the effects of many accumulated over decades of «historical» pollution and depressed areas. The program of provision of population with clean drinking water, adopted a new government program «Zhasyl Damu — Green Development successfully had been implemented. We have approved the Concept of the country’s transition to sustainable development for the period until 2024. It has set benchmarks and targets for sustainable development. Kazakhstan has also adopted a package of commitments in the context of the Millennium Development Goals and steadily carries them out. Moreover, Kazakhstan acceded to the Copenhagen agreement and adopted voluntary commitments to reduce greenhouse emissions up to 15% by 2020 and up to quarter — by 2050 with respect to 1992. Economic Development Strategy to 2020 has also recently entered into force, based on the principles of «Green Growth», provides the creation of a system of resource saving, energy efficiency and renewable. Kazakhstan is contributing to this process in finding solutions and integration efforts of all parties — we have proposed initiative «Green Bridge» — «the Astana Initiative» as a further development of the Seoul Initiative «Green Growth».

All this is done, mainly due to budgetary funds. In order to attract private sector funds, we have begun to introduce public-private partnership, and extend this scheme in the environmental sector. For the purposes of pilot testing was elected the territory of Balkhash-Alakol basin where the Government implemented a program of sustainable development in the region.

Kazakhstan posters on the Tiger Summit