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Премия рунета 2017

Integrated management of the Barents Sea resources

What is IMCAM?

IMCAM is an integrated marine and coastal area management, a relatively new concept for Russia.

Currently, the sector approach to the development of resources prevails in the management of marine activities. At the same time, interdepartmental disunity is observed, decisions are made on the basis of current interests of the sector, and long-term goals of sustainable development are not taken into account.

Experts emphasize that this approach is obsolete. It should be replaced by integrated management — the key to a successful development of any country that has a coastline. The main goal of an integrated management is to create favorable conditions for the production of material values through a sustainable exploitation of marine resources and, at the same time, support the structure, functions and productivity of existing ecosystems.

The strategy for the development of maritime activities of the Russian Federation until 2030, approved by the Government in 2010, provides for the transition to an «integrated marine management». In 2014, there were additional opportunities and grounds for implementing such an approach — the president signed a number of commissions in the field of ensuring safe development of the Arctic, among them is «to develop a pilot project for integrated environmental management in the Arctic seas and implement it in the Russian part of the Barents Sea».

The Barents Sea © Lubov Trifonova
Platform Prirazlomnaya © Dmitry Chistoprudov
The nature park of the Rybachiy and Sredniy Peninsulas © Dmitry Chistoprudov
Shipping in the vicinity of Vaygach Island © Victor Nikiforov
Taking photos from the icebreaker Vaygach © Alexander Skryabin

IMCAM in the Barents Sea

The Barents Sea has been chosen as a model water area for the implementation of the IMCAM for several reasons. The economic significance of the Barents Sea is associated with the use of biological resources, navigation and huge potential for the oil and gas industry. On the other hand, it is one of the cleanest seas in the world, the habitat of rare species of animals and plants.

WWF Russia, together with scientific-expert community, has developed a system of necessary measures that will facilitate an early preparation of the IMCAM plan for the Barents Sea and its implementation in practice, as well as the improvement of the system of legislation and governmental management in the field of maritime activities.

Currently, drafts of potentially important for the development of the IMCAM laws: «On the state management of maritime activities in the RF» (responsibility of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation), and «On Marine Spatial Planning» (responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Development), are in the process of development.