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Премия рунета 2017

A sanctuary «Korabelnaya Chascha» (Carvel thicket)

«Korabelnaya Chascha». New chapter

The World Wildlife Fund is in favor of preserving the «virgin» forests of the Barents Region that are not affected by logging. In the Arkhangelsk Region, especially in its southern part, the untouched taiga is getting smaller, but it is what keeps the air and rivers clean, it is a repository of biological diversity. In order for one of the sections of this natural heritage to be preserved, WWF suggests creating a wildlife sanctuary of regional significance «Korabelnaya Chascha».

Only a century ago the northern pines from the Arkhangelsk area, named carvel (karabelnaya) for their highest qualities were famous throughout Europe. It was rightfully believed that there are places in Pomorian land where there are many such trees — whole thickets.

Eighty years ago, a classical Russian nature literature author, Mikhail Prishvin, has set out in search of «Korabelnaya Chascha». He has overcome a difficult journey, on foot, on horseback, along the rivers, and found the legendary forest in the east of the Arkhangelsk region, where the Verkhnetoemsky region borders the Udorsk region of the Komi Republic. His impressions of this place are described in the story «Korabelnaya Chascha».

«Past Pinega… where the last bend of the Koda River… goes to the North and all the rivers run not to Pinega, but to Mezen, there is a thicket… In that forest pine trees are over three hundred years old, a tree stand right by a tree, you cannot cut even a stake there! And such smooth trees and stand so dense!».

M. Prishvin «Korabelnaya Chascha»

Based on the results of the expedition, WWF prepares the necessary materials for the creation of a wildlife sanctuary «Korabelnaya Chascha» in the Arkhangelsk Region.

The area of the planned sanctuary is small — 14.9 thousand hectares. At present, with the exception of 2.8 thousand hectares, it is free from a lease of logging enterprises. This eliminates the possibility of conflict of environmental and socio-economic requirements.

Three quarters of the forests of «Korabelnaya Chascha» have never been subjected to significant anthropogenic impact. Hunting, fishing, mushroom and berries picking is what has fed people for centuries and left taiga untouched. The protection regime of the planned sanctuary allows the same types of human activity, but prohibits logging and geological exploration.

The planned wildlife sanctuary «Korabelnaya Chascha» is flora and fauna model of middle taiga. Here, species of plants and animals find shelter, which cannot live in logged forests. For example, Splachnum rubrum, an exceptionally rare type of moss. Without the pristine pine forests and the outskirts of swamps, forest reindeers, species from the Red Book of the Arkhangelsk Region, cannot survive.