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WWF-Russia and the Russian Federal Fishery Agency signed a cooperation agreement

02 december 2020
On December 2, Ilya Shestakov, the head of Russian Federal Fishery Agency (RFFA), and Dmitri Gorshkov, the director of WWF-Russia, signed an agreement joining efforts to protect marine resources and their habitat.
The fishing industry is a strategic branch of the Russian economy. Our task as a regulatory body is to make it work effectively and preserve marine resources sustainability at the same time. The issues of environmental sustainability of marine ecosystems are of the highest priority for Pacific salmon, fish stocks of the Volga River, the Caspian Sea, and Lake Baikal. Our cooperation with WWF-Russia will be close and efficient,” said Ilya Shestakov.

WWF-Russian and RFFA plan to encourage scientific research activity to learn more about marine resources and their habitat. In the framework of the agreement, WWF-Russia is ready to provide any necessary information and expertise to RFFA’s scientific bodies, supply them with any technical support needed to establish boundaries of fishery protected areas.

“We have been cooperating with RFFA for many years by now. Today, we recognize illegal logging and felling of high-value forests on the river banks as one of the joint key issues,” said Dmitry Gorshkov. “I am sure that the agreement will become a good basis for future enhanced cooperation in many other areas and will increase the conservation potential of both RFFA and WWF-Russia. Together, we shall be able to solve the most challenging tasks of rare species conservation, fisheries’ sustainability, shipping, establishing protection over marine resources and their habitat.”

Along with other items, the agreement recognizes the participation of the public in solving conservation issues and achieving goals of the rational use of marine resources. Public control is an effective instrument in solving conservation tasks. A dialog between the government, the business, and the public is now important more than ever.

The agreement will be effective for five years with a possibility of extension by tacit renewal.

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