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Премия рунета 2017

The winners of "Another Planet" eco-quest awarded in Moscow

17 may 2019
60 participants of All-Russian quest met in the Blagosfera Center in Moscow to discuss the finals.

Another Planet. The quest was held from December 2018 to April 2019 and was aimed at immersing students of secondary vocational schools in the world of "green" professions and mastering the skills of the future, which would be useful for their future life and career. 1,600 students from 172 Russian secondary vocational schools took part in the quest. The quest was organized by WWF Russia and the Citi Foundation with the support of the ECA Movement.

More than 60 participants from 11 Russian colleges and technical schools gathered at the Meeting. The 3-day educational program of the Meeting includes trainings, business games, workshops, as well as mini-internships in socially and environmentally responsible companies to consolidate the knowledge gained in practice.

Opening the Meeting, the organizers thanked the students and teachers for their active participation in the quest and congratulated them on the successful completion of the tasks. Then, during the interactive game, the guys got acquainted and shared their impressions of the quest.

Kanat Sharlapayev, Citi CFO for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, congratulated the quest winners and wished: "May the experience and skills that you have acquired help you not only in your career, but also in other spheres of life."

Anna Yevina, Senior Project Coordinator of WWF Russia, encouraged the students to share their knowledge with others: "You are now the voice of our nature, which will help protect and preserve it." 

"Caring for nature is a universal value, and we hope that the gained knowledge will not only help you lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, but also implement environmental values in your future profession in any field," said Tatyana Chestina, Head of the ECA movement, addressing the ceremony participants.

The winning teams are comprised of students of the following colleges:

Tyumen Forestry Technical School;

Borovichi Medical College named after A.A. Kokorin, Novgorod Region;

Stavropol Construction College;

Volgograd College of Economics and Technology;

College of the Russian State Social University, Moscow;

Zheleznovodsk Branch of the Stavropol Pedagogical Institute;

Krasnodar Regional Basic Medical College;

Nenets Agrarian Economic Technical School named after V.G. Volkov;

Yekaterinburg Energy Technical School;

Volgograd College of Technology.

During the award ceremony, the teams presented the results of their participation in the quest and told about the environmental practices they had implemented in their schools thanks to the project.

On the first day of the Meeting, students took part in the workshop "Self-Education as the Main Skill of the 21st Century" from Superjob.ru, the game "Focus on Mars" from the authors of the "Atlas of New Professions", and in the training "Technology of Adaptation in the New Complex VUCA World" from the Open Dialogue School of the Sechenov University.

On May 17—18, the participants of the Meeting will have a mini-internship at Charity Shop and Eco Center Vorobyovy Gory and take part in trainings on design thinking, improvement of attention to details, acting and public speaking.