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Премия рунета 2017


26 september 2018
From August 1, every art student at ArtNuvo not only receives new knowledge, but also helps nature.

At the age of ever growing pace of life, endless chores and deadlines, psychologists advise that residents of large and small cities have some hobby to help them relieve stress and "reload". Painting can be one of such hobbies: it can not only reduce your cortisone level (stress hormone), but also help nature! Thus, learning the basics of painting at the Kaluga art studio ArtNuvo you will help nature. As RUB 500 from every student will be spent on nature protection projects of the World Wildlife Fund.

We are very happy that more and more big and small businesses find opportunities to show their corporate social responsibility and contribute to nature protection. Our cooperation with ArtNuvo is a great opportunity not only to draw people's attention to environment issues, but also to make a real contribution to the conservation of Russian nature for future generations," Irina Vorobyeva, Director for Fundraising at WWF Russia, says.

Earlier, the art studio ArtNuvo took part in charity projects: it collected donations and gifts for homeless animals within the scope of the campaign "Do Good".

"I am glad that the level of our studio allowed us to do this pleasant and, what is more important, good job — to share in preservation of the environment. Our studio has always been governed by the principle 'the more you give, the more you receive'," Alexander Ivanyuk, Founder of ArtNuvo, says. "My love for nature led me to the World Wildlife Fund, where I can be 100% sure that the funds will be used reasonably and for a good cause."

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The art studio ArtNuvo has been offering its services in Kaluga since 2014. The key areas include classic drawing and painting, modern computer graphics. Among its students are young talents and older students. By the way, the latter not only master practical and theoretical skills at ArtNuvo, but also rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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