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How poster calendars with argali, snow leopard and panda help educating local people in Altai

11 march 2011
Snow leopard and argali wall posters were distributed by Clubs of WWF Friends for the most remote villagers of rare species habitat

“We live on the same land of a Sacred Altai. We are the same as you are. Our pain is the same is yours. We always want live close to you”. This appeal coming from a snow leopard and argali looking eye to eye from WWF poster were aimed to find people hearts’ response.

WWF Calendar is a traditional public event for WWF partners. The posters are normally distributed in the region by members WWF Kids Clubs. WWF Calendar annual event normally includes taking picture of the main calendars’ receivers and telling them a bit of a WWF and snow leopard and argali. “The calendars help finding new sympathizers and meet potential donors for further collaboration”. – says Anna Maimanova, a head of Rubicon Kids Club.

In 2011 more than 200 offices of media, government bodies, non-profit and commercial organizations in Altai are decorated with WWF calendars.

Calendars for school teachers.
© WWF Russia
Calendars for local authorities
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Meeting business partners
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