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Two UAS cars were presented by WWF and partners to Sallugemsky National park

26 may 2021
Two UAZ vehicles were handed over to the inspectors and scientists of the Sailyugem National Park for raids and expeditions in the habitats of the snow leopard and Altai mountain sheep

Two UAZ-452 vehicles were handed over to the Sailugemsky national park on the eve of the Day of the Snow Leopard in the Altai Republic, which is celebrated in the region on May 26. The Snow Leopard Day in Russia was first celebrated in the region in 2010. The same year Saylyugemsky National Park was established with WWF and partners’ support. The main goal of Sailugemsky national park is to protect and study the snow leopard and Altai mountain sheep.

The presenting of UAZ to Denis Malikov, Director of Sailugemsky National Park
(c) WWF / M. Erlenbaeva
“VTB Bank is a long-term corporate partner of WWF in the field of big cats’ conservation in Russia Presenting of UAZ vehicle if is significant as today a new partner has joined us, Organika company. Socially responsible business that cares for wild nature consist of people who take responsibility and ready for specific obligations help nature conservationists study and preserve rare species of animals such as the snow leopard", says Natalya Trofimova, Director of WWF Russia in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.
UAZ presented by Organika company
(c) WWF / M. Erlenbaeva

UAZ car is a popular car of Russian reserves and national parks. Spare parts for UAZs are easy to purchase, the car is passable, the rangers are able to repair the car. The new UAZ vehicles will allow inspectors of the Sailyugem National Park to go on raids more often and regularly patrol a large area, which will make the snow leopard's habitat safer.

A vehicle presentd by VTB-bank
(c) WWF / M. Erlenbaeva
“There is always a need for vehicles in the Saylyugem National Park. Two cars that we received today are a huge help for a national park. Unfortunately, in our working conditions even UAZ vehicles can very quickly break down and become unusable, so we are very glad to update the vehicle fleet. Thank you for participating in the conservation program for big cats of WWF's partners - VTB Bank and Organika - and for helping to save the snow leopard in Alta”, says Denis Malikov, director of the Sailyugem National Park.

Cars produced by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant have been transferred to the scientific department and the department for protecting the territory of the national park: anti-poaching raids, research expeditions will be carried out at an altitude of 1500 to 3000 thousand meters above sea level.

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Head of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregional Office