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Altai poachers were handed a suspended sentence

04 august 2022
Two people in Kosh-Agachsky District of Altai Republic got suspended prison sentence for poaching in Sailugemsky National Park

Two residents of the Republic of Altai got suspended prison sentence for one year and ten months with a probationary period of 2 years each for illegal hunting of Siberian ibex in Saylyugemsky National Park, a protected area. Both poachers were found guilty of environmental crime under article 258 "Illegal hunting".

WWF welcomes the decision of the court and recalls that the Siberian ibex is the main prey of the rare snow leopard, over 50% of whose population lives in the Altai Mountains. Ibex poaching directly affects the well-being of a rare predator.

Recall, five people were detained by the rangers of Saylyugemsky National Park in the Bartuldak site of the Saylyugemsky National Park on August 14. The poachers were caught with the carcass of a Siberian mountain goat, firearms and ammunition. Two detainees turned out to be dwellers of Moscow who were accompanied by residents of Gorno-Altaisk and the village of Dzhazator. On the fact of illegal hunting, a criminal case was initiated under Part 2 of Art. 258 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

WWF and Siberian Wellness' World Around You Foundation provide financial and scientific support for the conservation of the snow leopard and its prey, the Siberian ibex, in Russia.

Poachers were caught red-handed with a dead parts of animals
(c) Sailugemsky NP
"Recently, the Republic of Altai closed the hunt for the Siberian mountain goat for a year. WWF emphasized that it is important not only to introduce a moratorium on hunting, but also to organize effective protection of territories from poachers. The Fund welcomes the court's decision and appreciates the excellent work of the inspectors of the Sailyugemsky National Park,” says Ilya Morozov, project coordinator for the WWF.

In 2021 and 2022, WWF Russia, the World Around You Foundation of the Siberian Wellness Company, and Xiaomi provided support to Sailyugemsky National Park’s Protection Department. This made it possible to increase the efficiency of patrolling the habitats of the snow leopard and ibex.

“Any activity that can damage natural complexes and objects of flora and fauna is prohibited on the territory of the national park. Within the framework of cooperation with the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kosh-Agach district, a criminal case was initiated, investigated and a guilty verdict was issued. Currently, work is underway to protect the park from poaching, within the framework of agreements concluded with environmental organizations,” says Gennady Moor, head of the Sailyugemsky national park territory protection department.

According to the regional Committee for the Protection of Wildlife Objects, over the past 10 years, the number of Siberian ibex in the hunting grounds of the Altai Republic has decreased from 8810 to 3387 individuals. Decree of the Head of the Republic of Altai, Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Altai dated No. 198-u “On approval of the limits for the extraction of hunting resources in the Altai Republic for the period from August 1, 2022 to August 1, 2023” does not provide for a quota for the production of the Siberian ibex.