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Премия рунета 2017

Earth Hour overwhelmed Altay-Sayan

29 march 2018
This year the bright dark event beat its record on the number of participants. Cities, small and big villages joined the event by registering on EH website. Kemerovo city took the 7th place in Russia trying to become the capital of EH-2018.

The organizations and people of 8 regions of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion in Russia joined the Earth Hour -2018 having turned off the energy for one hour. A tens of different events were initiated by volonteers and thousands of people joined the bright dark event. According to WWF Russia Earth Hour 2018 was attended by most of the participants since the first Earth Hour in Russia od 2010.

Kids and Youth Clubs of WWF Friends in the Republic of Altai took the most active part in mobilizing people to act and join the event. The Clubs of WWF and Sailugemsky National Park made master classes on candle making and later lit the candles in the street during Earth Hour. The children in Kosh-Agachsky District, located in the very heart of the land of the Snow Leopard, had a disco with DJ Panda and handed over the leaflets for the villagers. The Clubs of WWF and Katunsky Nature Reserve made fl;ash mobs with candles, torches, lectures and classes for schoolchildren. Prior to EH the children of the Clubs recorded video to encourage the others to participate. 

Earth Hour celebrations in altai-Sayan Ecoregion
(c) WWF

WWF Kids Clubs and Katunsky Nature Reserves calls for action

In Krasnoyarsk Earth Hour traditionally celebrated in the Planeta big shopping mall. All visitors had a chance to exchanged used batteries for small WWF souvenirs. This way WWF promoted the value of the waste and need for recycling. All used batteries were collected and recycled by WWF partner company Ecoresource. In Roev Ruchei park of Flora and Fauna the quiz and Eco-Memory game was organized for all guests. Siberian Federal University welcomed all visitors in the evening with special Quest in the darkness event for teachers and students. Teams of 70 students competed for an hour trying to answer questions on ecology, recycling, climate change and renewable energy moreover sorting wastes. Every participants could make selfi with panda. Earth Hour in Krasnoyarsk would never be possible without help of volonteers team from Aktiv-BK company. WWF thanks all partners and helpers.

Earth Hour in Krasnoyars
(c) WWF, SFU

Snow Leopard skiing contest was organized on Earth Hour Day in Kyzyl, the capital of the Republic of Tyva, for the first time. The Federation of skiing, the Ministry of Nature Resources and Ecology and WWF wanted to draw attention to rare species conservation on the day of Earth Hour. Natalya Trofimova, the Director of WWF Altai-Sayan Programme, became the only amateur participant of the contest. In the evening all key objects of Kyzyl dimmed lightning and the citizens had the concert of the main square. Kids Clubs of WWF Friends also contributed to the event by having a series of lectures and meetings with schoolchildren prior to Earth Hour. 

Snow Leoaprd Sking Contest in Tyva and Earth Hour
(c) V. Kanzai, the Ministry of Nature Resources
WWF thanks all our participants and volunteers, says Natalia Trofimova, the Director of WWF Altai-Sayan Programme. Your support helped WWF draw attention to crucial conservation issues such as recycling, protected areas, waste problem and renewable energy.
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