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WWF launсhed Telegram bot to traсk fires in proteсted areas

18 july 2022
Telegram bot is supposed to help proteсted areas' staff traсk thermal hotspots to prevent and fight fires

The Telegram bot,  Thermal hotspots in especially protected natural areas  has been launched: . Every day, every 4 hours, the data on possible fires in protected natural areas is automatically published in the channel.

The specific programme receives data on new thermal points through analyzing satellite images of the open public sources. Today, channel covers the territories of the Siberian Federal District and the Republic of Buryatia, eleven administrative units of the RF.

Telegram bot to track thermal spots
(c) WWF

First of all, the channel was launched for employees of specially protected natural areas, the Ministries of Natural Resources and environmental institutions that ensure fire safety in protected natural areas.

Fighting fire in Simonovsky Bor nature monument
(c) WWF / Yury Kurochka
“We’ve been discussing the idea to create a tool to help forest firefighters for a long time. Thanks to volunteer programmers, the channel was launched and, I hope, will help the rangers and firefighters to respond to fires in the forest. It is important to note that a thermal hotspot is not always a raging fire, it can be a burning fire or any object engulfed in flames. Therefore, the information in the Telegram channel is, first of all, a signal for verification. In order to effectively fight fires, it is important to eliminate fires at the initial stage, before the fire spreads on a large scale,” says Viktor Nikulkin, coordinator of the WWF forest program in Altai -Sayan Ecoregion.


Every day every 4 hours the data about new hotspots within the boundaries of the PAs is automatiсally posted in Telegram bot. The data has the region, the PA’s name and the сoordinates of the possible fires.

So, the employees of protected areas can quickly get the information and respond immediately. The rangers of Salair National Park were the first to check the warning system in the Altai Territory. Employees of the national park received a signal about two thermal points within the boundaries of the protected area, went out to have a check and found two burning buildings that had already been extinguished by firefighters.

So far, the Telegram channel monitors only thermal points in protected areas: reserves, nature reserves, etc. If the experience is successful, the WWF Russia will continue to develop the project and expand the geography.

The thermal spots on an online map
(c) WWF
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