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NGOs of Altaisky Region learned to effectively patrol protected areas

01 october 2019
Field training took place in Talmensky District of Altaisky Region on 23-24 September

Field training on protection and fire-fighting on regional protected areas and was initiated by WWF, Ecological Active NGO and Altaipriroda State Budget Authority. About 20 inspectors of the regional refuges and local non-governmental organizations attended the workshop. The experts had tw0-day-long training with best experts in Russia: Mikhail Kreindlin, protected areas expert of Greenpeace Russia and Grigory Kuksin, the Head of Firefighting Program of Greenpeace Russia. 

“We are conducted training within the frameworks of the Agreement that is planned to signed between WWF, the Ministry of Nature Resources, Ecological Active NGO, Altaipriroda State Budget Authority. We plan joint collaboration in the sphere of prevention and fire-fighting using specific equipment”, says Larisa Bereberdina, the Minister of the Ministry of Nature Resources of Altaisky Region, the Head of Department of Nature Resource Management and Rationing.
Theoretical part of the workshop
(c) WWF / Alexei Gribkov, Yulia Petrenko, Margarita Zyablintseva

Apart from lectures the training organizers delivered a brand new specific mobile fire-fighting vehicle made by famous Russian UAZ car company. From now the inspectors of the regional protected areas in Altaisky region can operate the vehicle and fight fire themselves long before the team of professional forest firefighters reach the fire site. The vehicle is equipped with water reservoir, motor pump and high-pressure device. 

“The regional refuges do need this kind of vehicle to fight fires especially in the floodplains and steppe areas. We are planning to have the operation response unit to patrol the regional protected areas and firefighting. In winter the group can patrol the territory by snowmobiles and use the mobile vehicle in summer’, says Alexey Astanin, The Head of Altaipriroda State Budget Organization.
Firefighting mobile vehicle delivered for the inspectors of Altaisky Region
(c) WWF / Alexey Gribkov, Yulia Petrenko, Margarita Zyablintseva.

The workshop participants had a chance to field test the fire fighting vehicle right during the training. The rangers learned how to operate the vehicle and equipment such as motor pump, knapsack forest fire extinguishers, leaf blowers, firehoses. The teams of participants had a practical assignment to fight fire and everyone did well.

“The overall goals of such field training are to teach the rangers, inspectors and ordinary people how they can become the volunteers and assist the professional fire fighters in fighting fire in the forest or other areas to protect the territory they live on. The project objective is to have the stable team or volunteer unit of the local people and experts who wish to become the part of firefighting team to protect the area with focus on regional protected areas”, says Natalya Trofimova, the Director of WWF Altai-Sayan Program.
Firefighting mobile vehicle at work during the training.
(c) WWF / Alexei Gribkov, Yulia Petrenko, Margarita Zyablintseva
Besides training on firefighting the workshop’s participants learned health and safety issues, first aid basics, the Russian legislation on protected areas and administrative regulation on violation of protected areas’ regime.
The People for Nature project is carried out by WWF-Russia with the support of the European Union in 2019–2022. The project is primarily aimed at providing support to CSOs and local communities in solving environmental problems in two areas, protecting forests and reducing air and water pollution.
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