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02 december 2021
WWF-Russia welcomes the decision of the regional authoritie as WWF has repeatedly called for the imposition of restrictions on hunting ibex - the main prey of the rare snow leopard

The authorities of the Altai Republic have decided to introduce a three-year moratorium on Siberian ibex catch. WWF and the Head of the Altai Republic Oleg Horokhordin came forward with the initiative to introduce a moratorium on Siberian ibex hunting in Altai.

Back in 2020, after the census of the Siberian ibex population, WWF-Russia and environmental organizations of the Altai Republic proposed a moratorium on ibex hunting as one of the measures to protect the species.

This year, a wave of public outrage attracted special attention to the problem of preserving the ibex after a blogger from Moscow posted on Instagram from a trophy hunt in Altai. The publication with photographs of the killed ibex provoked a wave of criticism from local residents, and the problem attracted the attention of not only environmentalists, but also regional authorities. In the region, a survey was conducted of the population about the possibility of introducing a moratorium on the production of ibex.

Siberian Ibex
(c) WWF / Sailugemsky National Park / Alexey Kuzhlekov

The head of the Altai Republic, Oleg Horokhordin, on Wednesday, December 1, held a final meeting on the protection and reproduction of the Siberian ibex on the regional level.

According to the data announced at the meeting, as of December 1, 2021, environmental organizations carried out a census of the number of the species, and the preliminary number of ibex is 2413 individuals on lands and private hunting grounds in the region. The final results of the calculations will be announced after December 15th.

“In four districts of Altai Republic, habitats of Siberian ibex, residents were polled, and the Regional Management Center conducted an online survey. Most of the respondents support the introduction of the moratorium. Today, following the results of all discussions and consultations, such a decision has been made. We in the Altai Republic are introducing a moratorium on the hunting of Siberian ibex for a period of three years. This means that hunting for ibex will be prohibited throughout the region, "said the Head of the Altai Republic Oleg Horokhordin at a meeting in the government of the republic.

WWF Russia expects that the moratorium and an increase in the staff of hunting inspectors will help restore the number of ibex in the republic.


WWF-Russia greets the decision of Altai Republic to introduce ban on Siberian Ibex hunting. For many years, this is the first time we have seen such attention to this species of wild ungulates, although WWF has long said that the conservation of the snow leopard is impossible without increasing the number of ibex in the region. Public outcry drew attention to the issue, and local residents also spoke out for the protection of the ibex. We also hope that the Head of the Republic, Oleg Horokhordin, will consider the issue of increasing the number of inspectors in the region, this is the only way to ensure effective protection of the animal world and ensure the growth of the ibex population in Altai” says Natalya Trofimova, Director of the WWF Representative Office in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.
WWF and Siberian Wellness Corporation will add up to support of pritection of Siberian Ibex in 2022.
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