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Премия рунета 2017

The people in Altai played bandy to call for Altai mountain sheep conservation

24 december 2019
The Bandy Federation of the Republic of Altai together with WWF and Sailugemsky National Park organized bandy in the upland area of Kosh-Agach District.
Argali Bandy, the republican event was organized for the second time in Altai at the border with Mongolia with WWF support to raise awareness on conservation of Altai mountain sheep and other rare species. conservation too.
Kosh-Agach District is the key habitat of Altai mountain sheep in Russia. The goal of the bandy tournament was to raise awareness on Altai mountain sheep conservation. First bandy tournament was played in 2018 in Kosh-Agach District. This year Argali Bandy was the second republican tournament, it was the official tournament of the bandy Federation of the Republic of Altai and Sailugemsky National Park. For two days the participants competed on the lake located close to the central village of the district. The event brought together the citizens of the district. WWF Kids Clubs took the chance to draw attention to argali. 
“Kosh-Agach district is the key Altai mountain sheep habitat in Russia. Hunting argali is forbidden in Russia but poaching occur. WWF’s objective is to stop argali illegal hunting. Raising awareness among local people who live in argali habitat and changing their attitude and behavior towards rare species. That’s why WWF has been supporting sport competitions with conservation slogans. Argali bandy will remind the local people about the need for conservation”, says Alexander Karnaukhov, WWF Altai-Sayan Programme Senior Coordinator.
Argali bandy in Kosh-Agach
(c) WWF / Lubov Ivashkina, Liliya Tabilginova
“The level of the competition this year is quite high. The tournament defines the best team of the year. The participants call upon healthy life and nature conservation. We want the others to join our sport and change the habit of killing animals to being active in sports “, says Arzhan Taipin, the main judge of the competition.

During and after the tournament the local children, members of Ecoclubs of WWF and Sailugemsky national park organized the event to raise awareness on argali conservation. Having posters with slogans the schoolchildren and teachers marched along the streets of Kosh-Agach and finished near the ice rink to greet the tournament’s participants.

WWF Kids Clubs of WWF Friends together with sailugemsky National Park
(c) WWF / Lubov Ivashkina
In 2019 WWF estimated that 4851 argali comprise up the Russian-Mongolian transboundary population. 1431 sheep found in Russia (1314 in the Republic of Altai, 117 in the Republic of Tyva) and 3420 in Mongolia. Since 2017 the numbers have risen by 135 argali in Russia and by 40 in Mongolia.
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