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Премия рунета 2017

The project aimed at snow leopard conservation outside of PAs has been started in Altai

13 march 2015
The main feature of this programme initiated by WWF and Pernod Ricard Rouss Company is that anti-poaching activity will be in the snow leopard habitat outside the PAs.

Poaching is the most dangerous threat to the snow leopard in the region especially the snare poaching. Yearly the irbis has been trapping to the snares put for musk deer, lynxes and wolfs.Hundreds of snares are cut off snow leopard’s trails in the Argut river basin, on Tsagan-Shibetu ridge and in other areas. For example the biggest in Russia population of the snow leopard was almost destroyed by snare poachers in 1970-1990th.

«WWF in Altai – Sayan Ecoregion realize snow leopard conservation programmes for many years: anti-poaching brigade, camera-traps, involving local population, - says prorgrammes coordinator Tatyana Yashina. – But we definitely couldn’t solve many problems without support of our partners and donors. Thanks to them we could both: to develop existing and to design new projects».


The main partner of this project Pernod Ricard Rouss  donate over one million rubles to anti-poaching activities, new camera traps, Besides WWF’s experts will teach locals to work with camera-traps. That will help to involve them into conservation activities in Altai. The project is going to be implemented in first six month of 2015.  

«History of our company starts here in Altai. Also one of our bands has been producing here. Of course we can’t not to notice problems of this region, and more over to ignore the disappearance of the snow leopard - the symbol of the region. Therefore we decide to support species conservation programme of WWF and to make our own contribution», – says general director of Pernod Ricard Rouss Phillipe Coutin.

The anti-poaching brigade “Irbis” is involved to the project realization. Brigade combined of rangers from PAs of Altai Republic, republican Committee of game species and NGO “Arkhar”.

Besides anti-poaching activities the project has another aim – to involve local population to the nature conservation. For several years the project “Adopt ibris” has been realized in Altai together with NGO “Arkhar”. According to this project locals receive a premium for that ensured of the snow leopard conservation on their hunting sites. Part of the funds under the new project will focus on the further development of this program.


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