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Премия рунета 2017

Snow Leopard Conservation will unite Russia and Kazakhstan

06 march 2017
The Project to save snow leopards in Republic of Altai (Russia) and Katon-Karagai National Park (Kazakhstan) initiated by WWF.

The Project to save snow leopards in Republic of Altai (Russia) and Katon-Karagai National Park (Kazakhstan) initiated by WWF. The Programme is aimed at conservation out of the borders of protected areas because the areas are not patrolled by the rangers regularly. Pernod Ricard Rouss will become a corporate donor for the project. 

The main goal of the project is to save the population of snow leopard in Republic of Altai, one of the key habitats of a rare predator in Russia. Patrolling the area in Eastern Kazakhstan will be enforced. The area of Eastern Kazakhstan is a part of Altai-Sayan Ecoregion and the efforts will be concentrated on conservation of the snow leopard outside of protected areas as well as enforcing the protection of Katon-Karagai National Park.

We are very proud with our partnership with WWF, says Mr. Philippe Coutin, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Rouss & Pernod Ricard Eastern Europe and Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Eastern Europe, Now our colleagues from Kazakstan will join the Programme to save snow leopard. I’m sure it will not only contribute to nature conservation but it’ll make both countries relations stronger.

Snow leopard conservation programme in Russia has been active on WWF initiative for many years. This year WWF and partners plans to enforce the antipoaching activities due to the growing threat from metal snares for a predator. A number of antipoaching raids will raise twice. The financial support from Pernod Ricard will help making it more efficient - cover a larger area and involve more people.

In Eastern Kazakhstan in 2015 in Katon-Karagai National Park the presence of 5 snow leopard have been confirmed with phototraps. The National Park has a lack of finance. So this year 10 more cameras will be installed to monitor the rare predator and work out the effective conservation measures.

“Projects on nature conservation are all in compliance with corporate responsibility of our company, says Sergey Nazarchuk, the Director of Pernod Ricard Kazakhstan.

Moreover, with support from Pernod Ricard WWF will continue the project of involving the local people into conservation of rare species. This original approach was tested in 2015. The local people takes the responsibility to conserve the snow leopards living close to the villages where they live. If a snow leopard is safe and sound and the phototraps capture the animals the local people receive an award.

WWF experts and the rangers of Sailugemsky National Park dressed in winter clothers provided by a corporate donor Pernod Ricard Rouss.
© WWF Russia
A snow leopard captured by Mergen Markov, a local villager.
© WWF Russia
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