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Rangers of protected areas trained on basics of forest fire-fighting in Russia

24 march 2021
Inspectors and volunteers learned to prevent and extinguish fires in protected natural areas within the framework of the "People to Nature" project, implemented with the support of the European Commission

"Theory and practice of the regional PAs’ protection and the fight against wildfires" workshop took place on March 24-27, 2021 in the Republic of Khakasia for ranger, NGOs and volunteers of the Directorate of the regional protected areas and Khakassky nature reserve of the Republic of Khakassia and the Altai Territory. 

The training was organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Khakassia, the Directorate of Specially Protected Natural Areas of the Republic of Khakassia with the support of the WWF within the framework of the "People to Nature" project supported by Eurocomission


“Unfortunately, last year the Republic of Khakassia found itself with the situation when the area of forest fires exceeded 22 thousand hectares. The situation proved that it is necessary to improve the tactics of fighting forest fires, considering the local terrain, the need for using the special forest fire equipment and to improve the coordination when fighting fires, including involvement of teams of volunteers. Last year we registered 7 fires in Kiskachinsky nature refuge, the area of the regional protected areas burned out with wildfires exceeded 5 thousand hectares. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to participate in this seminar, let the rangers to be trained properly and volunteers to be coordinated not allow the situation of the last year to repeat, "says Vladimir Lebedev, acting minister of natural resources and ecology of Khakassia.
The theoretical course of the training in Khakasia Republic.
(c) WWF / Yulia Bredikhina

Mikhail Kreindlin, expert on protected areas of Greenpeace Russia, and Grigory Kuksin, head of the fire department at Greenpeace Russia were the key lectors of the training. 

Mikhail Kreindlin, expert on protected areas of Greenpeace Russia
(c) WWF / Yulia Bredikhina

The theoretical course of the training took place in Abakan city, the regional capital of the Republic of Khakasia in the conference hall of the Asia Hotel. The rangers, NGOs and volunteers had been trained on the basics of legislation in the field of protected areas protection, the peculiarities of protocols on administrative offenses and other documentation on violations of the protected area regime. 

“The training program for the prevention and fightoing fires was developed by Greenpeace Russia together with the All-Russian Institute for Advanced Training of Leaders and Forestry Specialists. We considered that the regions have the diversity of landscapes and their own peculiarities. It was the first time we brought together employees of regional PAs of the Republic of Khakassia, Altai Territory and the Khakassky Federal Reserve. The objective of such an experimental course is to form a team of PA staff and volunteer who will learn to interact with each other, work with fire equipment, and identify and prevent wildfires. Such a team of trained specialists will be able to quickly respond to fires in any region of the country," says Grigory Kuksin.

In 2020, WWF donated fire-fighting patrol vehicles to NGOs in the Altai Territory and the Republic of Khakassia, they were UAZ vehicles with equipment for extinguishing wildfires. These gifts were donated within the framework of the WWF Russia "People for Nature", supported by the European Union.

After the theoretical course the rangers, volunteers and lectors had a field trip to Kiskachinsky nature refuge to field test the equipment and train the first aid and fire-fighting skills: analyze a fire hazard situation, work with equipment - load and unload equipment, put a pump on a pond, lay hose lines, work out the tactics of extinguishing fires and patrolling the territory.

Field testing of the firefighting equipment and training
(c) WWF / Yury Kurochka

In 2020, within the framework of the People to Nature project, implemented with the support of the European Commission, WWF handed over a special forest patrol complex to the EcoSeda, regional NGO of the REpunlic of Khakasia, to prevent and extinguish fires. The forest patrol complex is a vehicle based on the UAZ "Profi" equipped with firefighting equipment.

Since November last year in Khakassia, with the support of the People to Nature project, state environmental inspectors and volunteers have conducted joint raids in order to identify, suppress and prevent violations of forest and environmental legislation, and special protection regime in protected areas of regional significance.

The People for Nature project is implemented by WWF Russia with the support of the European Union and aims to engage a wide range of stakeholders in environmental protection. The project will be carried out in 2019-2022. Its tasks are as follows: preservation of forests by preventing degradation and illegal use of forests, as well as reducing the negative impact of industry on the environment by reducing air pollution and increasing the environmental responsibility of business.

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