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Vehicles for fighting poaching delivered to the protected areas of the Altai Republic

06 may 2020
WWF gave the Altai Republic's Directorate of Protected Areas the vehicles bought with the money donated by ordinary Russian citizens

In total, in 2020, WWF Russia will hand over the following four vehicles to the Altai Republic's Directorate of Protected Areas: a LADA car, two UAZ cars and a RM Vector snowmobile.

Funds for the purchase of the vehicles were raised by WWF supporters — people who share the values of the Fund and are ready to financially support its environmental initiatives. Back in 2019, WWF Russia asked Russians to support anti-poaching work in the Altai Republic and help preserve the habitats of the snow leopard and Altai mountain sheep in the region. 

Vehicles ready for field work
(c) Directorate of PAs of Altai Republic
"Gorny Altai is a region with a rich variety of animals and plants. Unfortunately, the funds and forces of regional environmental organizations are not enough to effectively protect the territory," says Alexander Karnaukhov, senior coordinator of the Altai-Sayan office of WWF Russia. "WWF Russia decided to support regional protected areas where the most valuable landscapes, forest resources, and habitats of rare and endangered species are concentrated, but the effectiveness of protection measures is not sufficient due to the lack of funds from the regional budget."

A description of the new environmental project to support regional protected areas of the Altai Republic was posted on a special page of the WWF Russia website: https://wwf.ru/help/projects/archive/remote-irbis/ For several months Russians had been donating money, and by the beginning of 2020, the required amount was collected.

The vehicles will be used for patrolling snow leopard habitats in the Ak-Cholushpa, Belukha, Ukok Quiet Zone, Uch-Enmek and Shavlinsky nature reserves. Thanks to the new cars and snowmobile, inspectors will be able to go on nature protection raids more often and supervise a larger area. This is not the first time that natural parks and reserves in Gorny Altai have received support from WWF Russia supporters. In 2018, the Ukok Quiet Zone nature reserve also received a UAZ car as a gift from the Fund's supporters. The new car saved at least five snow leopards on the Ukok plateau. 

Inspectors of the Altai Republic's Directorate of Protected Areas examine the snowmobile before delivering to Altai.
(с) the Altai Republic's Directorate of Protected Areas
"Interaction and cooperation with WWF Russia will increase the effectiveness of environmental protection activities of state inspectors in the protected areas of the Altai Republic. We are grateful to the Fund and we appreciate the active support of WWF Russia and its supporters in preserving the biodiversity of the Altai flora and fauna," says Aidar Oynoshev, head of the Directorate of Protected Areas of the Altai Republic.

The Altai Republic has one of the most developed networks of protected areas of various levels and statuses in Russia, the total area of which is 25% of the republic's territory. The regional protected areas span over 1239.9 thousand hectares. The objects "Ukok Plateau" and "Belukha Mountain" belong to the UNESCO world heritage category "Altai — Golden mountains".

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