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17 november 2021
The play calls for the preservation of snow leopards and is based on a real tragic story of a snow leopard family, but ends happily.

The Guardians of the Mountain Peaks was staged by a choreographer from Gorno-Altaysk, Olga Askanakova, and the actors were schoolchildren of the Altai Republic, participants of the Stimul dance studio. The premiere took place on November 14th at the National Theater of the Altai Republic. The script was written by Olga Askanakova, and the production was supported by the staff of Sailyugem National Park, where the most important habitats of the snow leopard in Russia are located. WWF Russia helped with the costumes and music for the performance.

“The idea of the play appeared two years ago. Since 2010, the Land of the Snow Leopard festival has been held in Russia, and theatrical performances about snow leopards always attract a lot of attention and stir the audience's interest. That is why staging a whole play about the snow leopard was a logical result," says Tatyana Ivanitskaya, press secretary of the WWF Representative Office in the Altai-Sayan ecoregion.
The characters of the play are rare animals and plants of Sailyugem National Park, and the actors are schoolchildren.
Lyubov Ivashkina

The plot is based on the tragic story of a family of snow leopards, followed by experts in snow leopard research for several years. A female snow leopard named Vita and her two cubs were killed by poachers in 2013. Vita and the cubs died an agonizing death in wire snares used by poachers to illegally catch snow leopards and other animals.  

The story of Vita and her two cubs is real and very tragic.
Lyubov Ivashkina
“The play features Mount Argut and Sailyugem National Park, where different animals peacefully coexist: wild Pallas' cats, snow leopards, Altai mountain sheep, and saker falcons. All the roles are played by children, even the mountains and flowers are represented by children. The story goes that the leopard was playing with the cubs and went too far away from the den, and the cubs got caught in the wire snares. The snares appear on the stage, and the actors get entangled so that the audience can see exactly how the leopards got into the trap. However, there is a happy ending: the snow leopards ask people from the shepherd's camp for help and they save the animals,” says Valentina Zyablitskaya, deputy director of Sailyugem National Park.
The premiere took place at the National Theater of the Altai Republic
Lyubov Ivashkina

The premiere was watched by about 200 residents of Gorno-Altaysk. The authors and partners of the play are discussing possible tours of the children's company, subject to sanitary restrictions.

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