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One million of conifers were panted this spring in Altai Republic

20 june 2012
310 ha of new forest were planted this spring in Altai Republic. Such is the present of WWF and Yves Rocher to the region.

One million seedlings of spruce, Siberian pine and larch are supposed to replace the areas of former fires and clear-cuts.

This is not the first forest restoration project of WWF in Altai-Sayan. 10-year-long “Plant you Forest” Programme supported by members of WWF Russia was finished in 2010. It resulted in 1000 ha of new forest planted in Altaisky Krai including 20 ha planted with the support from Yves Rocher.

This year thanks to Yves Rocher and WWF Altai Republic received “green” million trees which makes up to 30% of the area annually planted with forest in the republic

Thanks to professional work of Ministry of Forestry of Altai Republic the planting was finished right in time before it got too hot. The inspection of planting areas made by WWF experts revealed that acclimation level of young plants rated up to 100%. The plants have to be guarded carefully from forest fires, insects or other threats.

WWF and Yves Rocher plan to continue forest restoration in Altai Mountains. Half a million of Siberian pines are planned to be planted in autumn on-site of a tragic forest fire.

Alexander Brukhanov, WWF Forest project Coordinator is inspecting the planted trees in Chemal Forestry.
© WWF Russia
Spruce forest in Ongudai District
© WWF Russia / A. Brukhanov