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The republic of Altai and WWF Russia signed the Agreement on collaboration

28 october 2019
The commitments provide for more sustainable and efficient wildlife conservation

Within the frameworks of the agreement the parties committed to collaborate in the field of nature conservation, biodiversity monitoring, including rare species conservation, applying innovative methods, technologies and standards, development of eco-friendly business, raising awareness of the people of the Republic of Altai.  

The collaboration agreement was signed on October, 7 2019 by the Oleg Khorokhordin, the Governor of the Republic of Altai and Igor Chestin, Director of WWF-Russia.

The road map of the agreement defines the milestones for the effective implementation of the planned objectives. For instance, interdepartmental group on poaching, establishing of public inspection, patrolling rare species habitats, raising capacities of PA’s staff, improving of capacities of local PAs.

The parties plan to have annual census of flagship species such as snow leopard and Altai mountain sheep, involving national and international experts. Forest conservation implies to have the pilot project on national heritage, restoration of forest damaged by fires, wind or cutting, fighting illegal logging. Environmental education in the field of rare species propaganda including the Land of Snow Leopard Festival, media coverage. 

WWF in Alta-Sayan Ecoregion
(c) WWF
“Mountain Altai is located within the borders of Altai-Sayan ecoregion, one of the biodiversity rich region, that is why WWF has been working for 20 years in the Republic of Altai. Together with the Government of the Republic of Altai, state organizations, NGOs and local people we implement conservation projects on rare species conservation, saving vulnerable landscapes, developing local communities, delivering financial, resources assistance. We are thankful to the Government of the Republic of Altai for the mutual collaboration and we hope that further cooperation will be fruitful”, says Viktoria Elias, WWF-Russia Conservation Director.

Snow leopard in the Republic of Altai

WWF Altai-Sayan Programme has been working in the ecoregion since 1998. Average financial help that WWF allocates for implementation of the conservation projects in the Republic of Altai is about 10-15 mln. WWF-Russia greets the agreement signed with WWF and hopes that future results will bring mutual benefit for people and nature of Altai.


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