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Премия рунета 2017

Four hundred “snow leopards” marched along Altai streets

19 september 2022
XII Land of Snow Leopard Festival in Altai Republic was hold as street event attended by the Governor


In the capital of the Republic of Altai, the city of Gorno-Altaisk, the XII ecological festival Land of the Snow Leopard was held. According to Altai traditions, the twelfth festival is considered an anniversary.

The largest group of snow leopards in Russia inhabits the Altai Republic. The festival has been held in the region since 2010, traditionally supported by WWF and the World Around You Foundation of Siberian Wellness.

For the first time, the holiday began with a large-scale costume procession, a new competitive nomination. Four hundred "leopards" marched along the main square of the republic. Twenty columns were presented by children's eco-clubs, creative associations and educational institutions of the republic. The columns consist of volunteers, winners of festival contests.


Spotted carnaval on the streets of Gorno-Altaisk
(c) WWF / Lubov Ivashkina

Addressing the participants, Oleg Khorokhordin, the Governor of Altai Republic, recalled that 2022 was declared by the region the Year of the Snow Leopard. In summer architectural composition Territory of the Snow Leopard was opened in the park of culture and recreation of Gorno-Altaisk.

“Of course, Land of the Snow Leopard, the thematic environmental festival, which is held annually with great success, is a central event of the Year of the Snow Leopard. The people of Altai Republic traditionally join the festival with great joy. This year, for the first time, a bright carnaval took place, and I am sure it will become a tradition. The festival is a festive, fun, creative event where all participants can show their creativity and perform at their maximum. Today we will award the winners, but I should say that all the participants of the festival are great fellows and everyone is worthy of the award,” said Oleg Khorokhordin.
Oleg Khorokhordin, the Head of the Altai Republic
(c) WWF / Lubov Ivashkina

Elena Takhtaeva premiered the Guardian of Altai song at the festival, dedicated to the Year of Snow Leopard.

The dancers of Stimulus dance and recreation studio presented the choreographic performance called Keepers of the Mountain Peaks. The performance was created and staged in 2021 with WWF support. In 2022 the dancers successfully toured the republic throughout the year.

In a special year for the snow leopard, more than 500 children took part in the festival in the municipal and 160 in the final republican stage. In total, 9 nominations were presented to choose from: Best Souvenir, Artistic Snow Leopard, Best Greeting Card, drawing an Irbis, Dad, Mom, I am a Snow Leopard Family, Eco Bag, My Snow Leopard, Miss Kitty Kitty and Mr. Meow and Costume Procession. The best in the new nomination was the Kan-Altai team from Ust-Kansky region.

The participants came from all over republic
(c) WWF / Lubov Ivashkina
“WWF was one of the founders of the festival, and we will continue helping this outstanding event. Over the years, the holiday has become a favorite and large-scale holiday. The festival every year reminds the inhabitants of the region how important it is to preserve the snow leopard, fosters a love for nature. This year, the Republic of Altai was the first in Russia to announce the Year of the Snow Leopard, and WWF welcomes the attention given to the rare predator,” says Natalya Trofimova, Director of the WWF Representative Office in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.

Totally, this year the festival had more than 90 winners and prize-winners, twenty of which are members of the eco-clubs of WWF and Sailyugemsky National Park. Kosh-Agach district again becomes the absolute winner of the XII Land of the Snow Leopard, Republican Ecological Festiva. The cup is sent to the territory of the snow leopard for the sixth time.

The festival was supported and attended by the Government of the Republic of Altai. The festival was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Altai, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Tourism of the Republic of Altai, the Committee for the Protection, Use and Reproduction of Fauna of the Republic of Altai, Autonomous non-profit organization "Development Center of the Republic of Altai" , WWF, Altaisky and Katunsky State Natural Biosphere Reserves, Saylyugemsky National Park, Directorate of Specially Protected Natural Territories of the Altai Republic
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