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Guests from different countries gathered in Altai to celebrate “The Land of Snow Leopard” Festival

17 september 2012
Second international festival “The Land of Snow Leopard” was held in the central square of Gorno-Altaisk, capital of Altai Republic, on 15th Sept. and was vivid and spectacular

First speaker, Yuriy Antaradonov, deputy chairman of Republic of Altai Government, wished the festival to become more popular:

- It’s good that kids from all districts of Altai take part in this event and that festival is widely supported by all Altai people. Today two museums of snow leopard are created in the republic, and it’s praiseworthy.

After that performances of the art teams were alternated with the awards of festival participants. For viewers were prepared shows of renowned local artists as Bolot Bairyshev (throat singing) and Arthur Morlujokov and performances of kids from remote villages. For example, Alsu Taipinova from Inegen’ village twice went on the stage and drew applause. Foreign guests also showed their talents: Selia Evans and Lucy Oday from Snow Leopard Conservancy choired a song “Golden Mountains”, Umedjan Salahuddinov from Tajikistan prepared a poem and kids from Mongolia brought not only songs, but also a sketch and national dancing!

It’s pleasant that all participants of the festival through their performances spoke about the same – about the importance of careful attitude to nature, about preserving its richness and beauty. Kids from remote Altai villages who live abreast with snow leopard told that this high-mountain cat should live and “protect” severe peaks of Altai and Sayan. They were echoed by kids from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia and Tajikistan as those countries are also the part of snow leopard natural habitat. 

In this year “The Land of Snow Leopard” Festival was supported by the Government of Altai Republic, WWF Russia and Fund of sustainable Development of Altai (FSDA).