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Премия рунета 2017

Antipoaching in snow leopard habitat in Tyva

13 may 2016
WWF Russia supporters provided equipment, uniform, communication means, photo cameras and for the antipoaching team of protected areas in the snow leopards habitat in Tyva. Republic of Tyva is the key region for rare pre

Republic of Tyva is the key region for rare predator’s conservation in Russia. Unfortunately the region is one of the poorest in the country, the villagers of upland remote areas still live the life of their ancestors depending a lot on hunting, gathering and herding. An effective antipoaching activity is the key to monitor the level of illegal hunting and animal-herder conflict. WWF support is crucial for the comfortable of rangers and inspectors in the areas where the snow leopards are continuously captured by camera-traps. Now the rangers of a recently established Shuisky cluster of Tyva Nature park can raid the mountain area and easily monitor the habitat.


Snow leopard cubs in Tyva Nature Park in 2015.
© WWF Russia / Tyva Nature Park
Snow leopard in Tyva Nature Park
© WWF Russia / Tyva Nature Park
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