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Премия рунета 2017

Volunteers will help experts to monitor the Snow Leopards

22 december 2016
WWF and partners trained the group of volunteers from Irkutsk city to search and identify snow leopard’s tracks and scats in Sayan Mountains.

The number of snow leopard experts in Altai-Sayan Ecoregion is very limited and the help of volunteers is crucial. The ordinary people now can assist the scientists with field research, collecting samples, fixing tracks. Volunteers’ help is crucial to cover a wider area, set more phototraps. First field training was done this autumn and next expedition planned for February when snow leopard census will start.


On WWF and “Irbis Asia” working group initiative this autumn the scientists call on help to those who are interested to be trained as a volunteer for snow leopard monitoring. About 20 people of different age and status wanted to join the team of experts. Then they had a theory workshop and later 10 of them took part in the field training in the habitats of a rare predator in the Sayan Mountains. The inspectors of Tunkinsky National Park (Republic of Buryatia) also had training to become more efficient in field research.

Snow Leopard in Republic of Buryatia is studied very poorly. There have been several expeditions for the last years by different organizations but the information is scarce and not well combined. We aware of the presence of 11-12 animals including two females with two cubs. 

The experts and volonteers near the phototrap being set along the snow leopard trail.
© WWF Russai S. Malykh
Volonteers during the field training.
© WWF Russai / S. Malykh
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