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Премия рунета 2017

VIII Land of the Snow Leopard Festival was hold in the Republic of Altai

28 september 2018
The event is aimed at raising awareness on the rare species conservation with the focus of the “spotted treasure”

About 500 dwellers of the Republic of Altai, the key habitat of the snow leopard in Russia took part in the “spotted event”. The festival has been initiated in 2010 by Altai-Sayan Programme of WWF Russia with partners. This year event was supported by VTB-Bank the World Around You Charitable Foundation of the Siberian Wellness Corporation.

The gala-concert of the festival took part in the National Theatre of Gorno-Altaisk, the capital city of the Republic of Altai on the 26th of September. Prior to the event WWF and partners had an opening ceremony for the first statue of the snow leopard built in Kosh-Agach village near the border with Mongolia in the Republic of Altai. The ceremony started with the arrival of the ‘Irbis-Train”, the mobile propapagda team of the schoolchildren from all districts of the republic. Three days before the festival three school-busses with about 60 festival participants travelled around the republic and had events for the local people to raise awareness on snow leopard conservation.

This year all “Irbis’Train” participants took part in the statue opening ceremony in Kosh-Agach District. They had an eco-event delivering to the local people the self-made snow leopard “paw prints” and calingl for snow leopard conservation. 

The Land of the Snow Leopard Festival
(c) Alexander Tyryshkin

Natalya Trofimova, the Director of the Altai-Sayan Programme of WWF Russia said: 

Let this statue to be the symbol of the fragility of life and the cruelty of the humans. It is built in memory of the whole family of snow leopard, the female and two of her cubs. Three individuals who died in poachers’ snares in Altai is a disaster for a snow population of Russian snow leopards. The future of the rare animal depends to a great extent on the attitude of the people who live close to the snow leopard. We do hope that the monument contributes to raising the awareness on the importance of the conservation.

The teams of all districts of the Republic of Altai took part in the festival that followed the opening ceremony of the statue. All the schoolchildren are the festival participants that starts every spring in the Republic of Altai with the different contests among all schools with the support of the regional Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Natural Resources. Every year about 2000 people take part in the festival in Altai. Best paintings and drawings, booklets, souvenirs made by children were exhibited in the hall of the National Theatre before the gala-concert. 204 winners of contests were awarded.

This year the first prize was again won by the team of Kosh-Agachsky District. It is not surprising as Kosh-Agachsky District is the key snow leopard habitat in the Republic of Altai. It is the area where Sailugemsky National Park is located, a key WWF partner established in 2013 to conserve snow leopard and Altai argali sheep. The school eco-clubs are very active in the region.

Sergey Pishulin, the Director of Sailugemsky National Park:

Kosh-Agachsky District is not just the “Land of the snow Leopard”. It is also the birthplace of the festival that first time took part here in 2010. Later the event was supported by government, non-government organizations, business and local people. Today the festival is one of the most colourful and loved event of the Republic It is main goal is the same – to raise awareness on snow leopard conservation.
The Land of the Snow Leopard Festival
(с) Lyubov Ivashkina
According to WWF there are about 35 snow leopards in the Republic of Altai. ARaising awareness on the need for conservation of th rare species is the key to secure the future of the snow leopard. Along with WWF there is a number of organizations to strive for it: protected areas, government, NGOs etc.
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