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Премия рунета 2017

WWF celebrated the seventh Land of Snow Festival in Republic of Altai

14 october 2017
WWF celebrated the seventh Land of Snow Leopard Festival. Dedicated to one of the rarest predators on Earth, Land of the Snow Leopard Festival is hold annually to raise awareness about snow leopard conservation among the local communities and through the whole country.

This year the final event of the Festival took place in the National Theatre of Republic of Altai on the 13th of October prior to the International Snow Leopard Day. Through the year about 3000 local people took part in tens of events in 64 villages of Republic of Altai. Land of the Snow Leopard Festival became the key official event of the Year of Ecology in the region. 

(c) T. Ivanitskaya

Before the final gala-concert WWF and its key partner, Sailugemsky National Park, organized an original activity aimed at involving more local people into conservation through learning. A week before the final event a unique “Irbis-Train” consisting of three “buses-carriages” went around Republic of Altai, the region with no railway connection. The children and teachers from leading ecoclubs visited all districts performing, playing and raising awareness of local people through learning and exploring.

Irbis-Train participants
(c) Sailugemsky NP

On the 13th of October all festival participants welcomed “Irbis-Train” coming to the National Theatre. Snow leopards and Pallas Cat, a neighbour in the land of snow leopard, also welcomed the participants. Everyone danced “spotty dance” and got a present, a cap with a track of a snow leopard. 

The seventh Land of the Snow Leopard Festival
(c) L. Ivashkina

The festival became a pure holiday with no boring speeches and lectures, only master-classes, concerts, quizzes and quests, photo exhibition, awarding the winners and concerts.

(c) The Government of Republic of Altai, L. Ivashkina

Creating a snow leopard image panel made of all participants’ hand prints was a key event. The idea was grabbed by WWF Altai-Sayan Programme from WWF Nepal and worked out perfectly in Altai. The huge snow leopard images 

Giant Image of Snow Leopard made of hands prints
(c) The Government of Republic of Altai, L. Ivashkina
Tatiana Ivanitskaya, Press-Officer, WWF Altai-Sayan Programme said: “Having started as a small village event in 2011 by 2017 with WWF support the festival has taken over three regions of Russia, Republics of Altai, Tyva and Buryatia in key snow leopard habitats with about 5000 participants and tens of events.

Every year in Republic of Altai the festival starts in spring with a number of contests and events among the schoolchildren of all districts. No matter whether the area is a snow leopard habitat or not the festival takes over the whole region. In September or October the contest’ winners and the school teams from each district come to Gorno-Altaisk, the capital of Republic of Altai, to celebrate the final colourful final event.

This year the Festival inspired by Russia will also take place in Ulaangom City in Mongolia on October, 22-23. The Russian team from Republic of Altai will participate too. 

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Altai-Sayan ecoregional press-officer
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