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Премия рунета 2017

Half a million of Siberian pines planted in the Republic of Altai

22 october 2018
WWF in partnership with Yves Rocher planted 480 560 Siberian pines and reforested 146 ha

This year WWF and Yves Rocher reforestation programme had two cycles: spring and autumn. In spring the Siberian plants were planted in Turochak district (134,640 pines on the 40,8 hectares), Ust-Koksa district (122,1 00 pines on 37 hectares) and in Ust-Kansky district (145,620 pines on 44 hectares). In autumn new pines appeared in Turochak Forestry (33,000 pines on 10 hectares). All seedlings have been grown in the local foresters with no any pesticides and chemicals.

At the end of the year the WWF surpassed the goal of 136 hectares of Siberian pines set in the beginning of 2018 by hectares. Summing up the results of WWF Russia and Yves Rocher programme on forest restoration since 2010, seven million trees have been planted in Altai region, the Republic of Altai and Arkhangelskaya Oblast to cover 2192 of damaged forest. The primary aim was to compensate landscapes for the loss of forest related to fires in the 2000s that destroyed over 70,000 hectares.

This year we managed to make one more step to the restoration of the valuable pine forest of Mountain Altai that have been damaged by natural disasters such as forest fires, floods and strong wind. This programme became possible due to help of Yves Rocher company, a long-term partner of WWF, within the frameworks of Plant for the Planet Programme to restore the forest damaged due to natural causes, says Natalya Trofimova, the Director of WWF Altai-Sayan Programme.
Forest restoration implemented by the the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Altai
(c) The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Altai

In the Republic of Altai WWF implements the project with a reliable and long-term partner such as the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Property Relation. The forest managers of the Ministry implement all planting procedures in the field as well as control seedlings growing. Last year Yves Rocher company visited the reforestation sites in Altai with the monitoring mission to see the condition of the project and seedlings foresters where the Siberian pines grow with no pesticides and chemicals. 

Coniferous forests play the important role in the sustainable functioning of Mountain Altai ecosystems. The high effectiveness of coniferous forest to devour carbon dioxide to sustain climate balance on the planet is scientifically proved. Besides coniferous forest provides non-timber resources for local communities of indigenous people of Altai such as nuts, mushrooms, berries, herbs. That is why the restoration of Altai coniferous forest damaged by nature factors. 

Restoration of Siberian pines of Altai
(c) The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic of Altai
If we can restore the Siberian pines where the forest was damaged, we can provide for both the stable high level of biodiversity and save the environment and traditional livelihood of the local people, says Zhanna Karpinskaya, the Engineer of the Department of forest conservation and protection of the Ministry of the Republic of Altai.

Totally 3,5 mln of coniferous plants are planned to be planted before 2020, most of them are already planted on the slopes of the Mountain Altai. In 7 years the little seedlings will become the real forest of Siberian pines, the home of the unique Altai flora and fauna.

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