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First wide-scale census of Siberian ibex, key snow leopard prey in Russia

30 september 2020
Scientists will count Siberian ibex population for the first time in Russia in the Republic of Altai. The number and distribution of the key snow leopard prey will provide WWF with the valuable information.

WWF-Russia and government conservation organizations start the wide-scale census of Siberian ibex in Altai Republic, key snow leopard habitat in Russia, in protected areas and hunting grounds. Altaisky and Katunsky nature reserves, Sailugemsky national park, Game Department of Altai Republic with WWF support will implement Siberian ibex census in October-November, 2020 in protected areas of Kosh-Agachsky, Ust-Koksinsky, Ongudaisky district of Altai Republic, key habitat of the species. 

Siberian Ibex
(c) WWF / Igor Ivanitsky, Alexey Kuzhlekov, D. Malikov
As our partners report they visually meet Siberian ibex rarely during mountain expeditions. It’s a bad sign. In Russia Siberian ibex is the main prey for snow leopards, so rare predators directly depend on amount of prey. Long-term conservation of the snow leopards must include conservation of its prey species”, says Alexander Karnaukhov, WWF Altai-Sayan Branch Senior Coordinator.

The experts met on September, 29 in the capital of Altai Republic, Gorno-Altaisk city to discuss the forth-coming census. The participants defined the census area, groups and their routes, expeditions’ dates and agreed on methodology. 

Working meeting before the census
(c) WWF

The results of the census will be announced in December, 2020. The survey will provide experts with data of Siberian ibex number and distribution to define further conservation measures.

The Siberian ibex census was supported by World Around You foundation of Siberian Wellness corporation.   

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