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Smartphones introduced for big cats monitoring for the first time in Russia

23 october 2018
On International Snow Leopard Day WWF Russia announces the new smartphone application the snow leopard monitoring

The modern technologies will be used for the big cats monitoring in Russia for the first time. Instead of filling the paper forms to register the snow leopard tracks and other signs during field expeditions the experts will be using mobile phones with the specially developed application.

In 2018 Altai-Sayan Programme of WWF Russia came up with the idea of introducing the mobile phones and the specific application to make the exhausting field work easier and more proficient. The idea was supported by WWF Russia corporate partner World Around You Foundation of Siberian Wellness Corporation. 

The samertphones are purchased with the support of WWF corporate partner, the World Aroun You Foundation of the Siberian Wellness Corporation.
Solar charger for the smartphones.
The new app page.
Smartphones and a new app.
(c) WWF / Danil Barashkov

Alexander Karnaukhov, WWF Altai-Sayan Programme Species Coordinator:

Today during big cats monitoring in Russia all experts have to fill numerous paper documents to register all possible parameters from the number of animals up to tracks, excrements, marking spots and the coordinates. And the snow leopard monitoring remains the hardest of all big cat’s species in Russia due to the harsh terrain of the mountain habitat and the severance of Siberia winter conditions. By putting the smartphones into practice for monitoring WWF provides for more effective and less complicated field work. All the expert will have to do is just tapping the screen several times instead of filling the paper questionnaire and fixing GPS coordinates. The time and coordinates will be saved automatically. Moreover, all data will be uploaded on a specific server as soon as the mobile phones get the internet connection. It will also help checking if the field expert really registered the track or not because it will not be possible to save the data on the app without a picture.
Snow leopard remains one of the hardest big cat to monitor
(c) WWF / Asia-Irbis Working Group / I.Usanov / D.Barashkov

The new app was developed by NextGIS, the Moscow digital company. The company has been WWF Russia’s partner for several years in the sphere of modern technologies. The app is planned to be tested for the first time in winter of 2019 during annual wide-scale census of the snow leopard in Russia initiated and supported by WWF Russia since 2015. Such snow leopard census was first implemented by WWF Russia in 2015 with full WWF Russia support and initiative. Since that the annual census has been implemented annually. According to the results of the latest census the presence of 63 individuals was registered by camera trapping and WWF experts assess the whole snow leopard population not more than 90 individuals. WWF partners and implementers of the census include the protected areas, local conservation NGOs and local people. Later WWF Russia will share the results with the partners. 

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