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WWF and the Republic of Tyva signed the Collaboration Agreement

01 november 2019
The parties agreed to ensure environmental conservation

Conserving nature heritage of the Republic of Tyva is the strategic objective of the Government of Tyva and regional nature conservation organizations. The collaboration agreement was signed on November, 1 2019 in the field of environment conservation by Sholban Kara-ool, the Governor of Tyva and Viktoria Elias, WWF-Russia Conservation Director. 

Signing the aggreement betwenn the Government of Tyva and WWF-Russia
(c) WWF / the press-office the Government of Tyva
“Today we signed a very important document with WWF, the Foundation that works worldwide and in our country. It is an important strategic partner for the Republic of Tyva. Together with WWF we will be working on nature conservation. For instance, snow leopard conservation implies the wide variety of activities including wild ungulates or marmot conservation”, says Sholban Kara-ool, the Governor of the Republic of Tyva.

The road map includes milestones for:

  • Raising capacities of the nature conservation organizations’ staff,
  • Patrolling snow leopard and Altai mountain sheep habitats,
  • Ensuring efficient material capacity of the protected areas,
  • Annual census of flagship species (snow leopard and Altai argali),
  • International and interregional meetings on rare species monitoring and conservation,
  • Herders-snow leopard conflict (setting electric fences, repairing corrals, awareness raising among herders, herders’ dogs),
  • Environmental education of the local people through Land of Snow Leopard festival, sports events, media, youth),
  • International cooperation, public council. 

“WWF has been working in the Republic of Tyva. We have been planning to expand the cooperation to cover broader issues in the field of nature conservation in harmony with local people searching for the ways of the both economic development and balance”, says Viktoria Elias, WWF-Russia Conservation Director.
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