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WWF develops a specific snow leopard “social network”

26 may 2016
On WWF initiative the snow leopard digital online database will be developed for conservation experts in Russia and Mongolia.

The digital database will include the information on all snow leopard individuals that have been captured by camera-traps, identified by DNA-analyses since the species monitoring started in Altai-Sayan ecoregion. The information on specific peculiarities of each individual, characteristic features, time and skin patterns will be included. Finally the experts living in different regions and even countries will see the whole picture. Using a united database and information about the snow leopard across all its range will provide for better conservation measures in Altai-Sayan Ecoregion both in Russian and Mongolia. 

Only privileged experts will granted access to the database for the information not to be leaked for the unwanted person. The database will be protected using specific security system. A smaller version of the system with very limited information will be free for those who are interested in snow leopard conservation and studying. They might be granted access by request.

The information system is supposed to automatically detect the individuals based on the series of pictures captures by camera-traps. The system will tell whether a snow leopard caught by photo-trap is a new one or the one that has already been spotted and recorded. It will make the experts work much easier as at the moment they do the comparative research just be looking and comparing the images.

The experts tested and checked the first version of the database, made their recommendation. The more or less final version will be ready by the end of June. All expert team members will be uploading the information and trying to find bugs.

Testing the first version of the database.
© WWF Russia / T. Ivanitskaya
Russia and Mongolian experts test the datadase during the workshop in Barnaul, Russia in May.
© WWF Russia / T. Ivanitskaya
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