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Премия рунета 2017

Nature Reserve Ball in Altai

23 september 2017
WWF became a jury member of the festival.

Nature Reserve Ball-2017 was organized in the National Museum of Altai Republic in Gorno-Altaisk, the capital city of the region. The idea of the festival was the initiative of the protected areas of Mountain Altai. The event was dated to the Year of Ecology Year, as well as to the the 100th anniversary of the state natural reserves and national parks.

Staff of different nature parks and nature reserves became the participants of the festival, including the Sailugemsky National Park, Katunsly Nature Reserve, and the Directorate of the Protected Areas of the Altai Republic. Teams of the Centre for tourism, leisure, and wellness of the Altai Republic and the Tipografiya restaurant also took part in the event. The restaurant also became the partner of The Nature Reserve Ball.

The participants of the first in Altai Nature Reserve Ball.
(c) Sailugemsky National Park


Natalia Trofimova, the Director of WWF Altai-Sayan Ecoregional Programme was invited to be a member of the jury of the contest along with the Minister of Culture and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Altai Republic.

During the Ball all teams competed in a series of contests. First of all the teams presented their so-called Business Card presentations. Then there were the catwalk show of eco-fashion and a concert. Traditional Altai specialties were presented while the team leaders took part in a separate contest. The results of the first contest made it clear that there would be a tough struggle. The jury awarded the team called “Protected Areas” for its jokes, Tipografiya Restaurant for their role play and the anthem of Sailugemsky National Park of the team “In Love with the Sailyugem”, as well as the comic film of the “Kostyor” team about the routine of the Tourism Centre.

The contests during the festival.
(с) Sailugemsky National Park
Natalia Trofimova, Director of WWF Altai-Sayan Ecoregional Programme said: “The spectators were mostly fascinated by the eco-catwalk. The models demonstrated amazing dresses made of newspaper, plastic bags, plastic glasses, and natural felt. This way, it has been shown that beautiful clothing can be made even out of waste.”

The most delicious best dish contest “The Gifts of Nature” took place after the team leaders’ contest. The participants presented several specialties: a laconic plate of the Protected Areas team, a fruit and flowers bunch, a mountain lake and a forest glade of the Sailugemsky National Park, a large cake made of natural ingredients from the Tipografiya restaurant and, as the leader of the Katunsky Nature Reserve put it, “a spring-summer-autumn-winter vegetables and meat plate for every occasion.”

The final contest on the best show impressed both spectators and the participants. The team of Sailugemsky National Park presented joke couplets, the Protected Areas team sang a song in the Altai language. Katunsky Nature Reserve team presented the famous Soviet and Russian song “Swan faithfulness”, while the “Kostyor” performed a funny short roleplay about a visit of Mountain Altai to a doctor. Mountain Altai complained about “suffering from tourists” and having a “chronic rubbish disease”. Tipografiya restaurant arrived at the ball accompanied by professional musicians. 

Nature Reserve Ball in all its beauty.
(с) Sailugemsky National Park

Having summed up all contest results, the jury decided that the team of Sailugemsky National Park team “In Love with Sailugem” deserves to become the winner of the first Altai Nature Reserve Ball. Protected Areas team was awarded an encouraging prize, an autumn cake. Renat Yakovlev from Katunsky Nature Reserve and Elena Surtayeva from the Directorate of the Protected Areas of the Altai Republic became the King and Queen of the Ball.

The protected areas made a decision that Nature Reserve Ball should become an annual event. The teams of the protected areas will meet again next autumn to compete in humour and talents, and to struggle for the passing crowns of the King and Queen of the Ball.
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