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WWF Russia Amur branch opened a school for the staff of protected areas in the Amur basin

04 march 2019
Training courses for deputy directors on protection from 22 protected areas of the Amur Ecoregion were held at the Forestry Innovation Centre at the Primorsky State Agricultural Academy.

A quarter of a century WWF works in the Russian Far East. All these years one of the main tasks was the creation of a network of protected areas (PAs). At present, the PA system in the Russian part of the Amur-Heilong Ecoregion is almost completed. Nature reserves and national parks play a huge role in preserving rare and endangered species and unique landscapes.

Time has come to improve the effectiveness of the work of collectives of environmental organizations. Unfortunately, there are no specialized educational institutions in Russia that would train staff for PAs. Together with the Coordinating Board of Directors of reserves and national parks in the south of the Far East, WWF Russia decided to organize and finance such training. These courses are the first in the series that we intend to organize. Accountants, environmental education specialists and even directors of PAs will be trained here,”comments Peter Osipov, director of the WWF Amur branch.
School for the staff of protected areas of the Amur basin
Svetlana Titova / WWF Russia

The five-day courses were attended by deputy directors on protection and senior inspectors from 22 reserves and national parks in Zabaikalsky, Evreiskaya, Amurskaya, Khabarovsky and Primorsky provinces.

WWF Russia Amur branch invited leading experts to give lectures. Sergey Aramilev, the director of the Amur Tiger Center told about the Amur tiger conservation, the work with conflict animals and supplementary feeding for ungulates. Mikhail Kreindlin, head of the program for protected areas of Greenpeace Russia, reviewed the difficult situations while detaining poachers. Yury Darman, honorary adviser of WWF Russia, made a presentation on the protected areas system in the Amur Ecoregion.

Other classes at the school included work with unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), forest taxation, lectures on the program of ensuring the safety of inspectors, legislation aspects in nature protection, working with the prosecutor's office and the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources. 

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