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10 activists in Amurskaya province received certificates of public inspectors

11 february 2021

NGO AmurSEU and Bars brigade are the key partners of WWF Russia in Amurskaya province. For the third decade, these organizations are engaged in the implementation of public control over compliance with environmental legislation. Last year, together with state environmental authorities they organized more than 100 patrols, that resulted in more than 150 reports on violation of environmental legislation. Almost 6 kilometers of illegally installed nets were seized, dozens of unregulated garbage dumps in protected areas and places of illegal mining were revealed. Last year, they were actively involved in the work to detect the unsustainable placer gold mining areas, and inform government agencies and the public about this problem.

Obtaining certificates of public inspectors for environmental activists will increase the efficiency of work to identify violations and simplify their interaction with environmental authorities.

Comments Dmitry Luzhnov, acting Minister of Natural Resources of Amurskaya province: “The main task is to create a system of public environmental control, to provide opportunities for citizens to participate in identifying and suppressing violations of law in the field of environmental protection. Eco-forces will assist the Ministry of Natural Resources in fixing violations, organizing patrols, environmental campaigns. Raise public awareness on environmental safe and inform about the state of the environment and the use of natural resources.”

WWF believes that the development of the institution of public inspectors and the involvement of local people in activities to identify environmental violations is one of the most important mechanisms for protection of natural complexes.

“The work of public inspectors for the protection of forests and wetlands, identification of river pollution cases caused by gold mining is now important in the Amur ecoregion. As part of the project “People for Nature”, supported by the European Commission, WWF Russia and partner organizations are building a system for training and supporting the activities of public inspectors in the Amur basin and Altai region. Training workshops are being held, methodological materials on the work of inspectors are being prepared, and direct support is provided for their activities both financial and judicial, - says Peter Osipov, director of WWF Russia Amur. We hope that official certificates in hands of Bars and AmurSEU will become good support to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Amurskaya province.”
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