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Премия рунета 2017

Poachers bowled out the best gamekeeper

03 march 2017
One of the best specialists of the Hunting Department, Alexander Korneyev, is now between life and death. The dangerous injury was received during patroling: the infractor hit the inspector on a snowmobile.

In early February,during the road to combat poaching in the Chuguevsky district of Primorsky Krai, Alexander Korneyev, the senior inspector of the KGBU «Directorate for the Protection of Wildlife Objects» of Primorsky Krai, stopped the attempt of the infractors to hide on a snowmobile.

«Our group moved along the forest road in the direction from the village of Zavetnoye towards Samarka. In the forest, we noticed an empty car, the tracks of the snowmobile began to move from it. We decided to survey this territory, find hunters and find out whether they have documents that give them the right to hunt, - says Alexander Korneev. - We had uniforms, insignia, badges on the chest, that is why it was easy for people on the snowmobile to recognize us as the representatives of the authorities. When they approached us about 30 m, we went out to the »snowmobile« (snowmobile trail) and we tried to stop them. Our demands were ignored and they, having knocked me down, decided to hide, while my right foot got into a snowmobile. The person, driving the snowmobile, does not pay attention to this and continues to move on and, as a result, he pulls me several meters behind him. If it were not for the help of my partner, the consequences would be more terrible for me. »

The partner of Korneev, Gennady Lamza, caught up and, on the move jumping on a snowmobile, stopped the offenders. The result of the road was seized ithe illegal weapons, but Alexander Korneyev was out of action for a long time - a fracture of the leg and dislocated knee. With injuries, he got on the operating table and, unfortunately, he has some complications and he is situated in the resuscitation.

«Until now, for some reason, the police do not bring the case against the offender as an attack on the official, although I just worked and performed my duties. This case is considered as the traffic accident in the traffic police, »Alexander Korneev said by telephone to Pavel Fomenko, the head of the WWF Russia Amur Branch for the Conservation of Rare Species.

«The poacher has put our companion for nature protection on the brink of life and death, one of the best specialists of the Primorye Department of hunting surveillance. We are worried about Sasha and wish him a speedy recovery, »says Pavel Fomenko, an honorific worker of nature protection of the Russian Federation. - The problem of protection of hunting inspectors - one unresolved problem in our legislation nowadays. Why should there be a difference between a policeman injured in the performance of duties and a hunting inspector? These differences should not exist. Because both of them fulfill their national obligations. Only the hunting inspector always works in more dangerous conditions: he always deals with the armed people and, as a rule, toe to toe. There are many trials in the boreal forest, literally at every step. How will the person whom you should detain, react to withdraw weapons, but he does not want it? And how should the inspector react, if he meet a man in the forest, armed and dangerous?

There is such an expression: if you want problems - go to work as a hunter. Because, as a rule, in any conflict of this kind, the inspector is guilty. Why did you jump under this snowmobile, it was not necessary to protect nature in such a selfless way, you know? And how else can it be protected? '

Alexander Korneyev is one of the most experienced inspectors of hunting supervision in Primorye. According to the results of work in 2016, the operational group of the Primorsky «Directorate for the Protection of Wildlife and Protected Areas», headed by Alexander Korneev, won three times: in the nomination «Leader» she took 1st place, in the nomination «Ungulates» - 2nd place and in the nomination «Weapons» - 1 place.

«The service of hunting supervision, in fact, is the power structure, in terms of the complexity of the work is not inferior to the police or the armed forces. The evidence is the next two cases that occurred in 2017. So, on the night of January 18, 2017, the inspector of the department for the protection of fauna objects Viktor Zhukov returned home (the village of Sergeevka, Primorsky Territory) from the next road and, since the work was planned to be completed at 4 am, left his car at the house. But he could not continue the road - the car was burnt. Such material damage can be replenished, which we will also do, we will transfer the new car. Another thing is the damage to human health, as in the case of Alexander Korenev - it is much more difficult. Of course, we will help with medical expenses, but in any case, for some time he will be on forced leave, - commented the director of the Far Eastern branch of the Center »Amur Tiger« Sergei Aramilev. - As it is expected, the intensification of the work of hunting surveillance leads to an increase in opposition from the poachers. We hope that the police in both cases will establish the perpetrators, and the court decisions will be fair. »

Every day, at any time of the day, regardless of the weather, the hunting supervisors patrol the forests of Primorsky Krai, ensuring the order in the hunting grounds and sanctuaries. They protect nature. And who will protect the hunting inspectors?

«All employees of the Department of Hunting Supervision of Primorsky Krai and the Directorate for the Protection of Wildlife and Protected Areas are worried about the health of their colleague. The case, undoubtedly, is flagrant, the more it entailed grave consequences. We will do our best, including with the help of the Primorsky Territory Administration, for the recovery of Alexander Korneyev. In the meantime, it is absent, the hunting surveillance will redouble its efforts to combat violators. So let the poachers do not relax ... », - commented the director of the Department of hunting supervision of Primorsky Territory Dmitry Pankratov.

The work of the hunting supervision service of Primorsky Krai is supported by the Center «Amur Tiger» and WWF Russia.

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