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Премия рунета 2017

Days of Bikin were celebrated in the BIKIN National Park

08 august 2018
On August 4-5 in the village of Krasny Yar, in Primorye to mark the International Indigenous People Day and the inclusion of the Bikin River valley into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. WWF Russia, The Amur Tiger Center helped organizing the events.

Traditionally the shaman rite opened the holidays near the river side where local made boats, sledges, handicrafts, national clothing were displayed and the exhibition of the local families photographs was organized. There were sport competitions, a concert, the people were treated with soup cooked according by a hunters’ recipe. In the evening everyone gathered around the big bonfire.

On the eve, on August 3, the Russian President adopted the amendments to the Law on PAs which guarantee that zones for traditional nature use delineated within the Bikin National Park will be reduced in no conditions and indigenous people can visit the Park without any restrictions.

Early in 2018 the Russian Government approved the Program for Tourism Development in the Bikin National Park making the Park the only protected area across the country with such a program. 

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